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Audio Podcasts

January 17, 2018
Jan 17 Hour 1: Girly Cory Booker all drama; Democrats nothing to offer but anti-Trump hatred
Jan 17 Hour 2: Are husband and wife 'co-equal branches'? Christian hung up on Trump 'flaws'
Jan 17 Hour 3: Why doubt thoughts? Mothers who impose on their children through adulthood
January 16, 2018
Jan 16 Hour 1: GIRLY Dick Durbin and Don Lemon vs. Donald Trump on fake 'racism'
Jan 16 Hour 2 (JAMES): Ed Sheeran ding'd; Need the Trump wall; Evil and don't know it?
Jan 16 Hour 3: WEAK Mark Wahlberg gives $1.5M to Time's Up; Trump will destroy fake 'racism' word
January 15, 2018
Jan 15 Hour 1 (James fills-in): Star-Spangled Banner Is NOT 'Racist'; Offended by 'racist' jokes?
Jan 15 Hour 2 (James THEN Jesse): Angry female pro-immigrant, anti-American caller; Fake racism!
Jan 15 Hour 3: Fake John Lewis Cries 'Racism'; Obese black women; Immigrant socialist mindset
January 12, 2018
Jan 12 Hour 1: Trump: Less Immigration from S***hole Countries! Fake News CNN: 'RACIST!'
Jan 12 Hour 2: 'Who are we to say who comes to our country?' Fatherless kids in Dallas
Jan 12 Hour 3: Young black woman loves truth; Silent Prayer is Biblical. Suffer Your Weakness
January 11, 2018
Jan 11 Hour 1: If the white man falls, America falls; Don't have sex before marriage
Jan 11 Hour 2: Liberal black intellectual stubbornly insists 'racism' exists despite reality
Jan 11 Hour 3: DACA: Have faith, don't freak out, Trump got this. Lying black propagandists
January 10, 2018
Jan 10 Hour 1: No DACA! Blacks destroy football, turn MLK into thug; Deportation success story
Jan 10 Hour 2: Turnaround under Trump; Men respecting women; Caller admits he sins
Jan 10 Hour 3: Accused man's suicide; James Franco Time's Up; Deported Mexican finds God
January 09, 2018
Jan 9 Hour 1: Oprah the last person America needs; Blacks hate whites more than vice versa
Jan 9 Hour 2: Golden Globes: Identity Politics Awards; Debate: Do you sin after being born again?
Jan 9 Hour 3: Trump Stands for Anthem; The Weeknd is phony against H&M; Black progress
January 08, 2018
Jan 8 Hour 1: Oprah preaches but sounds like Satan; Woman's story of infidelity, murder, and anxiety
Jan 8 Hour 2: Race hustlers need to pretend "racism" exists; Biblical Q: What is sin?
Jan 8 Hour 3: Doug Jones has a gay son; Oprah & Hillary black-preach like Satan; Do you sin?
January 05, 2018
Jan 5 Hour 1: Trump names 'Sloppy Steve'; Sessions opens prosecution of pot;
Jan 5 Hour 2: 'Spiritual' Black Veteran Excuses NFL Thugs; Caller Died and Came Back
Jan 5 Hour 3: Drunk Don Lemon; More Men's Forum Report; Valley of the Shadow of Death
January 04, 2018
Jan 4 Hour 1: Bannon vs. Trump; Keith Ellison supports Antifa; Cali now a Sanctuary State
Jan 4 Hour 2: How to be saved. Do Christians sin? What is sin? Was Jesus angry?
Jan 4 Hour 3: 'What if your father is an A-hole?' Getting over negative feedback from a father
January 03, 2018
Jan 3 Hour 1: Baltimore murders all-time high; Obama and Black Lives Matter attacked police
Jan 3 Hour 2: 'Educated' black callers push lies; Caller taught black kids responsibility
Jan 3 Hour 3: Too intellectual to see simple truth on Black Lives Matter. Man murders wife & kids
January 02, 2018
Jan 2 Hour 1: How to have a healthy, happy new year; & be Uncle Tom and get on TV
Jan 2 Hour 2: Ridley Scott for Trump tax cuts; Father and son talk about anger and mothers
Jan 2 Hour 3: Fixing your relationship with money; What is the valley of the shadow of death?
December 29, 2017
Dec 29 Hour 1: Blacks' socialist mindset; Man breaks down separated from his father.
Dec 29 Hour 2: Father bends & kills baby; Most blacks only love evil; Born again?
Dec 29 Hour 3: How you know when you're born again; Blacks: Forgive your mothers
December 28, 2017
Dec 28 Hour 1: Blacks brawl at toy giveaway; If you're born again, do you sin?
Dec 28 Hour 2: Hillary New Year's Resolutions; Man at a loss on how to be Christian
Dec 28 Hour 3: Many abortions, many children; Do you still sin as one born again?
December 27, 2017
Dec 27 Hour 1: Trump beating ISIS; If you're born again, why have anger?
Dec 27 Hour 2: Kwanzaa is fake and evil; Debate about sin and anger
Dec 27 Hour 3: Evil Sheila Jackson Lee; If you're born again, forgive your mother and father
December 26, 2017
Dec 26 Hour 1: Who was prettier: Michelle or Melania? 'Racism'-believers argue
Dec 26 Hour 2: Go back to Haiti! Or Mexico! If you're born again, why do you sin?
Dec 26 Hour 3: How do you know you've been born again?
December 22, 2017
Dec 22 Hour 1: Merry Christmas! MAGA! Evil UN and Jorge Ramos complain helplessly
Dec 22 Hour 2: Trump gives Purple Heart to soldier; Caller thinks Jesse hates his black skin
Dec 22 Hour 3: Marriage/in-law trouble: Know thyself; Blacks hate Trump b/c blacks hate good
December 21, 2017
Dec 21 Hour 1: Ezinne Ukoha on Trump, MAGA for all, and 'racism' (to be continued)
Dec 21 Hour 2: Most blacks don't believe in God (and hate Trump); Phony 'racism' example
Dec 21 Hour 3: Man explains racism doesn't exist; NPR is seductive fake news; The black mindset
December 20, 2017
Dec 20 Hour 1: Roaming Millennial; Black violence over sneakers
Dec 20 Hour 2: Jesse empowers whites to speak; Black teens kill a man for iPhone 10
Dec 20 Hour 3: Stabbing over bullying; Be close to your father or far from God
December 19, 2017
Dec 19 Hour 1: Transgender 'family'; Why you should not judge yourself
Dec 19 Hour 2: Gabbana for Trump; Woman can't say if she sins or not
Dec 19 Hour 3: Thief killed in Air Jordans trick; Blacks leading the way on immorality
December 18, 2017
Dec 18 Hour 1: Is the Black Woman 'God' in Alabama? 77 percent black out-of-wedlock births
Dec 18 Hour 2: The white racist gene. Adult children must forgive parents to be free
Dec 18 Hour 3: Dave Workman on the news. 77 percent! Black out-of-wedlock births!
December 15, 2017
Dec 15 Hour 1: Sen. Al Franken replaced with abortion lobbyist; State Rep commits suicide
Dec 15 Hour 2: Sinful accusers casting stones; Bothered by Steven Anderson and idea of hell
Dec 15 Hour 3: Was Jesse soft on Steven Anderson? Celebrities say 'God is a black woman'
December 14, 2017
Dec 14 Hour 1: Roy Moore and brainwashed blacks; Evil Kirsten Gillibrand attacks Trump
Dec 14 Hour 2: Abortion lobbyist replaces Al Franken; Attack on Roy Moore and other men
Dec 14 Hour 3: Terrorist Therapist: Distraction & PTSD; Did Roy Moore defend himself well?
December 13, 2017
Dec 13 Hour 1: Blacks don't believe in God, voted in Democrat Doug Jones
Dec 13 Hour 2: Andrew 'weev' Auernheimer on white nationalism; Angry proud black Democrat
Dec 13 Hour 3: Minister Jap on black women and manhood; Anger at blind black voters
December 12, 2017
Dec 12 Hour 1: Comedian Paul Mecurio on political correctness; Failed terrorist in NYC
Dec 12 Hour 2: Haters Chelsea Handler and Eminem; Blacks pretend Christianity
Dec 12 Hour 3: Ashton P Woods on atheism, racism, and Black Lives Matter
December 11, 2017
Dec 11 Hour 1: Trump for Roy Moore. Rep. John Lewis is a thug.
Dec 11 Hour 2: Is the N-word dehumanizing? Separation of Church and State?
Dec 11 Hour 3: Callers tell stories, discuss Biblical Questions on Santa and love
December 08, 2017
Dec 8 Hour 1: Al Franken's non-apology; Al Green can't impeach The Great White Hope
Dec 8 Hour 2: Black female 'Christian' caller gets nasty attacking Roy Moore
Dec 8 Hour 3: Callers on phony sexual harassment accusations and more
December 07, 2017
Dec 7 Hour 1: Trump recognizes Jerusalem; Palestinians angry like blacks; Bannon attacks Mitt
Dec 7 Hour 2: Suicide & bullying parents fault not schools; Phony Gillibrand attacks Al Franken
Dec 7 Hour 3: Black violinist Eric Stanley on returning to his father
December 06, 2017
Dec 6 Hour 1: Luenell talks Maxine Waters, Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, and Colin Kaepernick
Dec 6 Hour 2: Callers on being perfect, black issues, and privilege
Dec 6 Hour 3: Ty Barnett on slavery, out-of-wedlock births, and kneeling NFL thugs
December 05, 2017
Dec 5 Hour 1: Lesbian: Elect women without penises; Can Kaepernick read well?
Dec 5 Hour 2: Pam Anderson: truth about accusers; Biblical Q: Can you be perfect?
Dec 5 Hour 3: Roy More ready to MAGA; More crazy talk on the Bible

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