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July 20, 2018
Jul 20 Hour 1: ESPYs: ALL MEN ARE RAPISTS; Queen Maxine Black Power; Filthy Boyle Heights
Jul 20 Hour 2: Swedish man in Denmark forgave father. Marry your GF. Join Jesse's DISCORD
Jul 20 Hour 3: Handicapped mixed-race SAMO's #WalkAway story; George S Patton, white hero
July 19, 2018
Jul 19 Hour 1: Patrick Rooney's Greek Yoga; Obama sick of men; NFL protest: blacks don't care
Jul 19 Hour 2: Father's hard to talk to; No such thing as deadbeat dads! Mothers drive them off!
Jul 19 Hour 3: You can't "work on" your anger. Overcome it. NFL player doesn't care.
July 18, 2018
Jul 18 Hour 1: Trump vs Children of the Lie; racism & stereotypes; Ocasio-Cortez on Isreal
Jul 18 Hour 2: Young man of the house must forgive hateful mother; Tamor on KKK to BLM
Jul 18 Hour 3: Weed isn't your problem, beta male; your female anger is. Biblical Question
July 17, 2018
Jul 17 Hour 1: Gavin McInnes on Proud Boys & White History; Trump meets Putin
Jul 17 Hour 2: Move out and be independent. Why is medication unhealthy?
Jul 17 Hour 3: Story of violent black women; Happy Birthday James; Don't sleep with girlfriend!
July 16, 2018
Jul 16 Hour 1: Joe Arpaio runs for US Senate. Joe Jackson unappreciated. Cartel double murder
Jul 16 Hour 2: Right from wrong? Blacks replaced by illegals & Hispanics.
Jul 16 Hour 3: Liberal women in churches; Mexican against White History Month; Jew blamer!
July 13, 2018
Jul 13 Hour 1: Order of God: Man Over Woman; Peter Stzrok Hearing Features Showy Trey Gowdy
Jul 13 Hour 2: Fear and White History Month; Are you pure in heart? Did you forgive mother?
Jul 13 Hour 3: Revolutionary War; White History Month: SILLY? Affirmative Action Creates Racism?
July 12, 2018
Jul 12 Hour 1: Trump wins for US in NATO; White guy should leave hostile black neighborhood
Jul 12 Hour 2: Wife With A Purpose on White History & Men; Paid Family Leave a Bad Idea
Jul 12 Hour 3: Shark Bite! A wife & mother's testimonial after forgiveness; More callers
July 11, 2018
Jul 11 Hour 1: Trump vs NATO; Black elitist vs Jesse; Men on forgiving mothers & idea of God
Jul 11 Hour 2: Black non-SJW wants to help blacks; More fear of White History Month
Jul 11 Hour 3: What does IQ matter to life? White History hero; Should drugs be legal?
July 10, 2018
Jul 10 Hour 1: Brett Kavanaugh for SCOTUS: Uh-oh! Mama's Boy?? Men make boys first.
Jul 10 Hour 2: Is there a White Culture vs Black Culture? Callers on black hate & white fear
Jul 10 Hour 3: More fear of White History Month; Evil Michelle Wolf for abortion; Pick battles?
July 09, 2018
Jul 9 Hour 1: Bury Affirmative Action! RINO Mitch Harassed: "Abolish ICE." Hispanic Wakes Up
Jul 9 Hour 2: A conservative Muslim calls. Women in police: Sexism? Anger is the fallen state.
Jul 9 Hour 3: Mexican Canadian on forgiveness and life; Callers on Racism and White History
July 06, 2018
Jul 6 Hour 1: Christian defends sin despite belief in Bible; Ashy woman on Statue of Liberty
Jul 6 Hour 2: Black-Hispanic woman: Hispanics most racist; White male: NO White History Month
Jul 6 Hour 3: Woman asks how to forgive mother. Uneducated love America. MAGA hat assault.
July 05, 2018
Jul 5 Hour 1: Claston Bernard on White History: John Locke. Short man doubted himself.
Jul 5 Hour 2: Nelson Mandela was never good. Black man woke up: Illegals hate blacks!
Jul 5 Hour 3: Hollywood actors playing "gay." More blacks waking up! (Some still a MESS.)
July 04, 2018
Jul 4 Hour 1: Men express resentment toward fathers; Honoring White History & July 4
Jul 4 Hour 2: Indian student faked being black. Who was Buddha? Conservative, ex-KKK father.
Jul 4 Hour 3: Another man wakes up! Candace Owens hater again. Happy White History Month!
July 03, 2018
Jul 3 Hour 1: Black woman forgave her mother; "Cotton-pickin'" APOLOGY for nothing!
Jul 3 Hour 2: Man afraid to face abusive mother; Another man upset his parents don't get it
Jul 3 Hour 3: Lauren Southern on FARMLANDS; White History hero: WW2 vet Audie Murphy
July 02, 2018
Jul 2 Hour 1: White History Month! FAA let blacks cheat! Out of your cotton-pickin' mind!
Jul 2 Hour 2: Hard Bastard woke up; Jewish young woman on mental health, father, and abuse
Jul 2 Hour 3: Forgive the rapist. Liberals #WalkAway from Left! Dana forgave ex-husband
June 29, 2018
Jun 29 Hour 1: Blacks mad at Jesse for telling the truth about illegals and mothers
Jun 29 Hour 2: Trust no thought, but observe thoughts. Black man talks about illegal aliens
Jun 29 Hour 3: Correct your wife in front of your children to set a good example.
June 28, 2018
Jun 28 Hour 1: Threat of violence from Trump haters. Anthony Kennedy retiring! Oh no!
Jun 28 Hour 2: Are you a righteous person? Fear of mother. Yes, blacks are waking up.
Jun 28 Hour 3: Biblical Question; Truth without fear; Joe Jackson tribute; Call from a mother
June 27, 2018
Jun 27 Hour 1: Warning to white Americans: You are hated. Socialist Democrat wins in NY.
Jun 27 Hour 2: Mexican wakes up. Black mother forgave her mother. Biblical Q: Righteous?
Jun 27 Hour 3: White nationalist town of 18? Swedish caller hasn't talked to mother in 9 years.
June 26, 2018
Jun 26 Hour 1: Bill Lockwood: Maxine Waters is a Communist! Bible & Illegal Immigration
Jun 26 Hour 2: Hollywood slumping; Callers talk about Jews, fear, and forgiving mothers
Jun 26 Hour 3: Jealous Palestinians & blacks; Antifa vs ICE; Dump your 4x aborting girlfriend!
June 25, 2018
Jun 25 Hour 1: Great White Hope & friends vs. RINO Bob Corker, Evil Witch Maxine Waters
Jun 25 Hour 2: Callers on "racism" and righteousness. No excuses, black people!
Jun 25 Hour 3: Discrimination: OK! Be a man, Jimmy! White man in Colombia on father and race
June 21, 2018
Jun 21 Hour 1: Greek Physique on Setbacks; Trump Vs. Liars on Illegals; Blacks & Christians
Jun 21 Hour 2: Black People, Violence, & Media Deception; Man Has Mother's Hatred of Father
Jun 21 Hour 3: Black man: Jesse idiotic "embarrassment"; Black woman doesn't wanna be Christian
June 20, 2018
Jun 20 Hour 1: Rachel Maddow vs Jesse: Who "cries" on TV better? "Children" and "racism"
Jun 20 Hour 2: Phil Advise vs Jesse Lee on God, Blacks, Children, & The Great White Hope
Jun 20 Hour 3: More argument on "racism"; Corey Lewandowski on "children" drama: "Womp womp"
June 19, 2018
Jun 19 Hour 1: Wicked Political Women Attack Trump for Children Separated from "Families"
Jun 19 Hour 2: Jada Smith is evil! Woman preaches at Jesse. Finnish man calls Jesse!
Jun 19 Hour 3: Advice on dating and women who hate parents: Stop screwing before marriage!
June 18, 2018
Jun 18 Hour 1: Jesse's long fight against illegal immigration and phony cries of "racism"
Jun 18 Hour 2: I thought I forgave mother. John Legend is evil. Mother tried to indoctrinate son
Jun 18 Hour 3: Danney Williams wants his father: Bill Clinton? Prejudice against homosexuals?
June 15, 2018
Jun 15 Hour 1: No Born Again Sinners! Drugs, Flat Earth & MGTOW; 18yo Forgives Mother
Jun 15 Hour 2: CNN & RINOs Overreact to "Separating Families"; Trump Job: 9 of 10; Trayvon
Jun 15 Hour 3: Do you see Christ as your brother? Anti-white agenda; No "police violence."
June 14, 2018
Jun 14 Hour 1: Not enough white kids! Godless liberal Catholic Bishops for illegal aliens
Jun 14 Hour 2: How to doubt every thought; Do you see Christ as your brother?
Jun 14 Hour 3: Godless "entertainers" & anti-meme EU; "You are married to your mama!"
June 13, 2018
Jun 13 Hour 1: Trump & Rodman, MAGA! Blacks allegedly cheated on FAA test!
Jun 13 Hour 2: Former weed head forgave mother; "Punch Drunk" Robert De Niro; No racism
Jun 13 Hour 3: "ADHD" son acts out; Race realism vs. God; Black husband forgave his mother
June 12, 2018
Jun 12 Hour 1: Trump & Kim Jong-Un meet! The truth about Bourdain, Spade and Suicide
Jun 12 Hour 2: Black callers mad Trump is The Great White Hope; Get past anger to see
Jun 12 Hour 3: Hollyweird update; Single mother with interracial live-in boyfriend
June 11, 2018
Jun 11 Hour 1: Trump a real man vs weak leaders. "Gay Pride" Parade: What's to be proud of?
Jun 11 Hour 2: Evil mother cheated, brought new "stepfather." Not doing Silent Prayer? Suffer!
Jun 11 Hour 3: Israel caller asks about forgiving his mother. Obama's secret meetings.
June 08, 2018
Jun 8 Hour 1: Jesse on forgiveness. Trump lets Alice Johnson out! Mixed-race man forgave parents
Jun 8 Hour 2: Interracial marriage; Canadian homosexual propaganda; Anthony Bourdain's suicide
Jun 8 Hour 3: Gay Pride CrossFit fires Christians; Interracial marriage and black men and women