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May 22, 2018
May 22 Hour 1: Pastor Darrell Scott on Trump; Black teacher body slams violent student
May 22 Hour 2: Woman vs Transgender in Ladies Room; No blacks have ever experienced racism
May 22 Hour 3: Happy Bday to me! Racism doesn't exist. Drop anger. Man kills daughter & in-law
May 21, 2018
May 21 Hour 1: Fake News media lies in our faces about Trump MS-13 'animals' comments
May 21 Hour 2: Kelly Clarkson is stupid if she's for gun control (otherwise she's smart)
May 21 Hour 3: Prince Harry Marries Divorced Feminist Meghan Markle: BIG MISTAKE
May 18, 2018
May 18 Hour 1: Fake News Support MS-13 'Animals'; "Day of Absence": White Guilt Brings out Worst
May 18 Hour 2: How do you see women? Who's the victim in abortion? Mexican Woman Drops Anger
May 18 Hour 3: Man goes off on Jesse: "You don't own sh*t!" You tell people to not like Mexicans
May 17, 2018
May 17 Hour 1: Patrick Rooney: Greek Yoga! Golf Champ, Battered Husband; Big Mama anti-motherhood
May 17 Hour 2: CDC hides truth on guns; CIA nominee caves on torture; Abortion guilt in Utah
May 17 Hour 3: Vincent James of The Red Elephants: Men/Women, Israel-Palestine, White Male Failure
May 16, 2018
May 16 Hour 1: False "racial profiling" claims from NAACP president; How do you see women?
May 16 Hour 2: Atheism Is Unstoppable: on parents, God, women, men, 'racism,' & Trump
May 16 Hour 3: Dating expert Hayley Quinn on women, men, & love; Veteran on forgiving his mother
May 15, 2018
May 15 Hour 1: Wicked Witch Angry at Trump Making America Great Again; Instagram Model Abuses Son
May 15 Hour 2: Don't Be Angry About "Racial Profiling"; Weak Teacher Lets Black Student Shove Him
May 15 Hour 3: Cussing Callers Love Jesse's Message: Forgive Your Mother. How Do You See Women?
May 14, 2018
May 14 Hour 1: Black female driver falsely cries 'racism' on 'white cop'; Caller forgives his mother
May 14 Hour 2: How do you see women? Happy 70th, Israel! You must forgive your mother
May 14 Hour 3: Woman judges mother, father, and husband. Radical homosexuals push AB-2943 in CA
May 11, 2018
May 11 Hour 1: BLM throw human ashes on cop; Pro-Obama 'Christian' woman
May 11 Hour 2: More pro-Obama 'Christian' women; Man's children spoiled by mother
May 11 Hour 3: Oprah Network & Big Mama Michelle hate men! Atheist caller on burden of proof
May 10, 2018
May 10 Hour 1: Trump Brings Hostages Home; Kamala Harris Pretends to Care About Morality
May 10 Hour 2: Sarah Sanders Deals with Fake News; Allahu Akbar Means 'Kill the Christians'!
May 10 Hour 3: Black Attitude in Gov't Jobs; Ellen Degeneres Lies to Blacks About 'Racism'
May 09, 2018
May 9 Hour 1: Disgusting 'Black Love.' Hypocritical to Call Left 'Racist'? Vote Down Sanctuary State
May 9 Hour 2: Man discovers father had brother; Great White Hope (Trump) vs. Fallen Messiah (Obama)
May 9 Hour 3: Former Aussie stripper must forgive mother who beat father into submission
May 08, 2018
May 8 Hour 1: Boy Scouts are dead; Childish Gambino's dark rap video; Kanye earns white freedom
May 8 Hour 2: Weak men: Boy Scouts, Muhammad Ali, and now whites! Good doesn't have to lose.
May 8 Hour 3: Do not gossip; "Native American" boys & mother cry "racism." More on dark rap video
May 07, 2018
May 7 Hour 1: John McCain May Die with Hate in His Heart; Kanye-hating Dr. Phil Needs a Doctor!
May 7 Hour 2: Black Obama voter likes Trump-hater John McCain. Whites need to not blame others.
May 7 Hour 3: Man rejects Catholic religion. How to forgive mother? Opioid Crisis activist mother
May 04, 2018
May 4 Hour 1: Lying Sheila Jackson Lee vs Diamond & Silk; Children of the Lie & "Males" Who Blame
May 4 Hour 2: Wicked Witch of the West Maxine vs Kanye; Liar Says Diamond & Silk Only After Money
May 4 Hour 3: Hakeem Jeffries vs Diamond & Silk. Atheists & Homosexuals vs Christians.
May 03, 2018
May 3 Hour 1: Adam Weiss on filthy "comedian." Immoral blacks defend her "jokes."
May 3 Hour 2: Hispanic (not "Mexican") anti-Trumper: You're still on the plantation with "massa!"
May 3 Hour 3: Pro- & Anti-Trump callers; Jason Ottley of Live Inspire Transform: Health & Fitness
May 02, 2018
May 2 Hour 1: Kimberlin Brown for Congress. Beta TMZ'er Attacks Kanye. Jesse Silenced by Piers!
May 2 Hour 2: Thankful for slavery. Atheist anti-Trumper tries to call Jesse "inconsistent."
May 2 Hour 3: Young man drops fear, anger. Vincent James of Red Elephants vs slavery complainer
May 01, 2018
May 1 Hour 1: Cleo Manago: Why Blacks Don't Thrive; Migrant Caravan of Illegals Demand Asylum
May 1 Hour 2: "Wolf Tickets" explained. "Are you a Christian?" Hem & haw. Why marry a feminist?
May 1 Hour 3: Mexican-American: "You Are Very Whitewashed, Sir!" Compassion on fallen state people
April 30, 2018
Apr 30 Hour 1: Whites, don't cater to blacks. Why Starbucks arrestees & Colin Kaepernick are THUGS
Apr 30 Hour 2: Jehovah's Witnesses on war; Good blacks want blacks free; "Christian" hip hop
Apr 30 Hour 3: White men, return to God. Get over anger by forgiving parents; Middle Eastern caller
April 27, 2018
Apr 27 Hour 1: Cosby Convicted: No Sex Before Marriage! Kanye Shuts Down John Legend Fear Tactic
Apr 27 Hour 2: Forgive Your Parents; Simplicity of Jesse, Trump, Kanye; Mincome a Bad Idea
Apr 27 Hour 3: North & South Korea: Peace! Help Blacks: Be an Example. South Africa Coming to USA
April 26, 2018
Apr 26 Hour 1: Rob Arlett for Senate; Kanye West loves Trump; John Legend is a liar
Apr 26 Hour 2: Ronny Jackson lynched; Family advocate denigrates father, too close to mother
Apr 26 Hour 3: Blacks Complain About White Violence & Walter Scott; Gym Discrimination! #MeToo
April 25, 2018
Apr 25 Hour 1: Trump w/ Macron: Making the World Great Again; CNN for Migrant Caravan Amnesty
Apr 25 Hour 2: 'Compassionate Release' of Old, Sick Criminals; The Place of a Woman
Apr 25 Hour 3: Blacks go on about Emmett Till; You don't sin because you're 'human'
April 24, 2018
Apr 24 Hour 1: Bill Lockwood on income tax & Marxism; Waffle House killer & Toronto van attack
Apr 24 Hour 2: Biblical Question: The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Forgive your mother
Apr 24 Hour 3: Dr. Singh on good and bad stress; LGBT in Vallejo, CA; 'Racism' and Christianity
April 23, 2018
Apr 23 Hour 1: Cenk Uygur on Men, God, & The Great White Hope; No Limit to Human Lifespan?
Apr 23 Hour 2: Waffle House Killer: Anger Causes Mental Illness; Eat Right and Live Long
Apr 23 Hour 3: Black UK Trump Supporter Forgave Mother; Shania Twain For/Against Trump, SMH
April 20, 2018
Apr 20 Hour 1: Coward Philly Commissioner Apologizes; Older Lady Realized She Hated Her Mother
Apr 20 Hour 2: Mama's Boys Live at Home, Marriages Don't Last; Don't Compromise on Guns w/ Liberals
Apr 20 Hour 3: Mothers Who Keep Kids from (Weak) Fathers; Jerry Brown vs. Trump; Coonish Behavior
April 19, 2018
Apr 19 Hour 1: Exercise Habits; Black Christians Supported Evil Obama; Hotep Trolls Starbucks
Apr 19 Hour 2: Forgiving parents who have died; Jerry Brown favors illegal criminals over Americans
Apr 19 Hour 3: Don't feel bad for blacks suffering; Children are corrupt due to failed parents
April 18, 2018
Apr 18 Hour 1: Black-on-white Crime as Starbucks Kisses Up to Bad Blacks
Apr 18 Hour 2: Telling the Truth About Blacks Is "Cooning"; City Opts-Out of Sanctuary State
Apr 18 Hour 3: Free Coffee for Blacks? Reward Anti-White Hate; Extra-Credit for Traditional Dating
April 17, 2018
Apr 17 Hour 1: Starbucks CEO apologizes for fake "racism"; Angry black man vs Roy Moore voters
Apr 17 Hour 2: Does Alexa say Jesus is fictional? Smart black young men on Starbucks' fake "racism"
Apr 17 Hour 3: Don't let lesbians adopt children! Native Americans rely on government
April 16, 2018
Apr 16 Hour 1: Starbucks 'Racist' for Blacks' Arrest; Self-Hating Black Fool! Beta Comey Hates Trump
Apr 16 Hour 2: Beta Male Terry Crews Hates Women; Boycott Hollywood for Promoting Evil
Apr 16 Hour 3: Physical vs Spiritual Slavery; Stop Hating Your Mother and Stop Blaming Jews!
April 13, 2018
Apr 13 Hour 1: BOND Town Hall on Illegal Aliens; Be Doers, Not Hearers; Cory Booker Hates Christians
Apr 13 Hour 2: How do you turn from evil and do good? Should we abolish 'slavery' of criminals?
Apr 13 Hour 3: Emotional Robots; Syria, Israel, & Persecuted Christians; Blacks Hate Their Mothers
April 12, 2018
Apr 12 Hour 1: Robin Biro on Paul Ryan, Syria, Facebook; Bipolar Maria Carey: FORGIVE
Apr 12 Hour 2: Do You Have Free Will? Go and Forgive Mother. Don't Worry About Trump & Syria.
Apr 12 Hour 3: Qasim Rashid on Trump, Islam, Lies, LGBT, and BLM vs KKK. Do you have free will?
April 11, 2018
Apr 11 Hour 1: Facebook Censors the Truth, Calls It 'Hate Speech.' Police Were Never 'Racist'
Apr 11 Hour 2: CNN for Illegals Coming to US. Why Can't Conservatives Build Their Own Tech?
Apr 11 Hour 3: Charles Crismier on Men, Fathers, & Trump; Nasty Woman Hung Up on Central Park Five