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December 18, 2018
Tue, Dec 18 Hour 1: Bill Lockwood: Attack on Whites & Christmas; Joy Reid Hates White Men
Tue, Dec 18 Hour 2: Don't Hate the Haters! Gillibrand & CNN against White Men
Tue, Dec 18 Hour 3: Stay out of school! Liberalism debunked; Critique of The Great White Hope
December 17, 2018
Mon, Dec 17 Hour 1: Opportunity Zones won't work! BET founder praises Trump. Forgive parents!
Mon, Dec 17 Hour 2: Trouble with female boss; Too smart for the Bible; Whites in charge?
Mon, Dec 17 Hour 3: Parents mad at priest preaching against son's suicide. Stephen Miller!
December 14, 2018
Fri, Dec 14 Hour 1: Trump vs Mueller-Cohen; BLF of South Africa for killing whites
Fri, Dec 14 Hour 2: Online wife fakes domestic violence; Callers for racism, abortion, etc.
Fri, Dec 14 Hour 3: Weather lady commits suicide; Forgive to overcome abuse and homosexuality
December 13, 2018
Thu, Dec 13 Hour 1: Ted Lieu against free speech; Israel's wall for illegals; Wiggins on words
Thu, Dec 13 Hour 2: Dems for open borders! Why White History; Q: Man with anger?
Thu, Dec 13 Hour 3: Pelosi against Christmas. Liberal women normal? Evil in South Africa
December 12, 2018
Wed, Dec 12 Hour 1: Trump vs Pelosi-Schumer on the WALL; Man's nephew has lesbian mother
Wed, Dec 12 Hour 2: Alex Jones: Google Is Evil! Man married woman with a child, forgave mother
Wed, Dec 12 Hour 3: 9yo black girl suicide after bullying; White Columbia student defends self
December 11, 2018
Tue, Dec 11 Hour 1: Kavanaugh Caves! Callers Attack Jesse Over Illegals & Trump
Tue, Dec 11 Hour 2: White Columbia student loves white people! Students hate Clarence Thomas
Tue, Dec 11 Hour 3: Callers; Build the Wall; Woman living with children's father
December 10, 2018
Mon, Dec 10 Hour 1: Jail for Trump? Illegal 'Child' a Killer? Nick Cannon Defends Kevin Hart
Mon, Dec 10 Hour 2: Can You Wake Up Angry Blacks? South Africa worker burned to death
Mon, Dec 10 Hour 3: Ocasio-Cortez vs Don Jr. on Socialism. Callers vs. Jesse on Jesus and God
December 07, 2018
Fri, Dec 7 Hour 1: Kevin Hart Apologizes to Gays. Tucker Carlson: Trump is Incapable!
Fri, Dec 7 Hour 2: Kevin Hart is one of them; Tucker vs. Trump; 100-y-o working billionaire
Fri, Dec 7 Hour 3: Customer assaults deli worker; Drag queen boy, beta father; Millennials
December 06, 2018
Thu, Dec 6 Hour 1: Whites fear blacks; Bush funeral: Fake Christians vs Trump; Crazy Mazie
Thu, Dec 6 Hour 2: Does Apostles' Creed help? Baby Jesus in a cage! Callers: Jesus is God
Thu, Dec 6 Hour 3: Trump right, Macron wrong; Beta Males had sex before marriage!
December 05, 2018
Wed, Dec 5 Hour 1: Jason Ottley on fitness; Bush Day of Mourning; Immigrants on welfare
Wed, Dec 5 Hour 2: Illegal driver licenses; Trans boy killed parents; Black Panthers killed cops
Wed, Dec 5 Hour 3: Debate: Holy Spirit vs Bible scholarship; Jesus God? Born of God & sinning?
December 04, 2018
Tue, Dec 4 Hour 1: David Perry on liberalism & grief; Callers; Illegal mob trying to cross!
Tue, Dec 4 Hour 2: Canada wants fewer babies! APU no longer Christian! Atheist fan!
Tue, Dec 4 Hour 3: Frank says Jesus is God, but he sins; Using women for sex is wrong!
December 03, 2018
Mon, Dec 3 Hour 1: Anna Paulina on human trafficking; RIP George Bush. Blacks believe in God?
Mon, Dec 3 Hour 2: Self-control vs free will; Paris riots! Racism doesn't exist: Callers
Mon, Dec 3 Hour 3: Black Panther vs Great White Hope; Kareem Hunt fired for fight with woman
November 30, 2018
Fri, Nov 30 Hour 1: Illegal alien hunger strike! Dead migrants on ranches. Gov't is against us.
Fri, Nov 30 Hour 2: Anti-Trump Google; Pregnant migrants want in; Texas turning blue!
Fri, Nov 30 Hour 3: Debate on Bible scholar dummies; Homelessness in CA; Mother of 8!
November 29, 2018
Thu, Nov 29 Hour 1: Trump Train meme! Illegal aliens disease; Man married a divorced mother
Thu, Nov 29 Hour 2: Peace after two failed marriages; Letter: Man who cussed out mother!
Thu, Nov 29 Hour 3: Transgender OK or child abuse! Forgive mothers; Jesse targets blacks?
November 28, 2018
Wed, Nov 28 Hour 1: Cindy Hyde-Smith wins! HBCU guy vs South Africa; Obama on nationalism
Wed, Nov 28 Hour 2: Forgive mother on Facetime! Trump vs the Fed & Climate Change
Wed, Nov 28 Hour 3: Woman drops anger! Bible debate: Jesus is God? Transgender UK school
November 27, 2018
Tue, Nov 27 Hour 1: Bill Lockwood: Ben & Jerry's; Gassing Children; Giving Tuesday!
Tue, Nov 27 Hour 2: Trump on Climate Change & GM; Debate on Alabama mall killing by cop
Tue, Nov 27 Hour 3: Forgive dead mother; Alabama shooting & CNN; Snoop thanks himself
November 26, 2018
Mon, Nov 26 Hour 1: Thanksgiving madness: Police shooting! Blacks cry racism
Mon, Nov 26 Hour 2: Illegal aliens try to breach the border! Callers talk to Jesse
Mon, Nov 26 Hour 3: Jordan Page: Ballad of LaVoy Finicum; Caller debate; Good teacher banned!
November 21, 2018
Wed, Nov 21 Hour 1: Kyle Kulinski Debates Jesse on Atheism and Racism
Wed, Nov 21, Hour 2: Trump vs Michelle Wolf; Romaine E coli; Chipotle manager update
Wed, Nov 21, Hour 3: Callers on Biblical Question; Robert De Niro splits with 3rd black mother
November 20, 2018
Tue, Nov 20 Hour 1: Trump vs liberal judge; Tijuana vs illegals! Should blacks marry white?
Tue, Nov 20 Hour 2: Dan Crenshaw vs phony Dem SJWs; Young black caller on black hypocrisy
Tue, Nov 20 Hour 3: Trump A-plus! Hospital shooting. Black guy mad about The Great White Hope
November 19, 2018
Mon, Nov 19 Hour 1: Devastating CA fire. Like vs. Love. How do you see black people?
Mon, Nov 19 Hour 2: Democrat Stacey Abrams brainwashes youth to believe in voter suppression
Mon, Nov 19 Hour 3: Chipotle fires manager after dine-and-dasher cries racism
November 16, 2018
Fri, Nov 16 Hour 1: Michael Wood Jr. returns: Atheism, BLM, Trump, Apology to Jesse!
Fri, Nov 16 Hour 2: Do you still sin? Callers talk to Jesse.
Fri, Nov 16 Hour 3: Truth on Brenda Snipes. More on sin: Was your mother perfect?
November 15, 2018
Thu, Nov 15 Hour 1: More love vs like; No passion; Jeff FLAKE; IndieGoGo launch
Thu, Nov 15 Hour 2: Ben Carson school vs Detroit; 18-y-o man smokes pot, lives with mother
Thu, Nov 15 Hour 3: Avenatti arrested for 'domestic violence'; Young woman is fine with Trump
November 14, 2018
Wed, Nov 14 Hour 1: Fire looters 'will be shot'; School renaming; New Planned Parenthood prez
Wed, Nov 14 Hour 2: Lost Brenda Snipes; What's it mean to 'like' others? Anger is wrong
Wed, Nov 14 Hour 3: Rebuild Weak Men; Simulation Theory/Therapy; Move Out & Forgive Parents
November 13, 2018
Tue, Nov 13 Hour 1: Liberal fires! Women driven to control men; Maxine Strong Black Woman
Tue, Nov 13 Hour 2: Women aren't strong. Parents sending kids to college. Fires a land grab?
Tue, Nov 13 Hour 3: PTSD from abusive brother, afraid to face mother; Joel on Affirmative Action
November 12, 2018
Mon, Nov 12 Hour 1: Fires in CA; Dems try to steal elections; Should you 'defend your faith'?
Mon, Nov 12 Hour 2: Tucker vs 'gay Latino immigrant'; Some blacks are waking up; EEOC women!
Mon, Nov 12 Hour 3: Love/Hate for Big Mama Michelle; Starting a business; Trump-hating in-law
November 09, 2018
Fri, Nov 9 Hour 1: Rick Scott: Rampant voter fraud? Blacks at war vs whites; Good over evil?
Fri, Nov 9 Hour 2: Caller: We have free will; Mass killer lived with mama; Christ our brother
Fri, Nov 9 Hour 3: Killing hogs & hens; Affirmative Action vs Jim Crow; Colin Kaepernick BOY
November 08, 2018
Thu, Nov 8 Hour 1: Mass killing; Sessions out; Brandon from Houston married!
Thu, Nov 8 Hour 2: Called by mama; Black caller can't answer: Did mama make mistakes?
Thu, Nov 8 Hour 3: Trump calls black anti-nationalist racist; Examples of attack on whites
November 07, 2018
Wed, Nov 7 Hour 1: No 'blue wave'! Beto cusses! 'African American' cries white supremacy!
Wed, Nov 7 Hour 2: Callers on elections etc; Phony Stacey Abrams alleges voter suppression
Wed, Nov 7 Hour 3: Patrick Rooney on elections; Socialist Ocasio-Cortez & dumb millennials
November 06, 2018
Tue, Nov 6 Hour 1: Trump ad too truthful for CNN; White public school teacher's dilemma
Tue, Nov 6 Hour 2: Vote for Democrats is for evil; Gillum intern assaults college Republican
Tue, Nov 6 Hour 3: Pornography is not the sin: Overcome pride, anger, playing God.
November 05, 2018
Mon, Nov 5 Hour 1: Joshua Sperling on CA midterms ballot; Angry callers on affirmative action
Mon, Nov 5 Hour 2: Man quit pot! Obama on character?? Get off your knees, boy!
Mon, Nov 5 Hour 3: Don't let Satan talk you out of forgiveness; Left-wing false accuser LIED!