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September 21, 2018
Friday, Sep 21 Hour 1: I DON'T Believe the Lying Woman! No sex with your girlfriend!
Sep 21 Hour 2: Pro-abortion Kavanaugh accuser; Former cop wrongfully convicted of rape!
Sep 21 Hour 3: Forgiveness. Black man stabs white woman to death. Break up with girlfriend!
September 20, 2018
Thursday, Sep 20 Hour 1: Nobody Believes the Kavanaugh Accuser; They're Just Evil
Sep 20 Hour 2: Homeless caller listens to Jesse from smartphone in his car!
Sep 20 Hour 3: Cop wrongfully convicted of rape! Homeless man shaving on train in viral video
September 19, 2018
Wednesday, Sep 19 Hour 1: Dems: Shut up, MEN! Trump speaks love. Mother committed suicide.
Sep 19 Hour 2: Divorced father reconnects to childhood God. No such thing as "deadbeat dads"!
Sep 19 Hour 3: Young man calls in high! Blacks loot, threaten reporters; Entrepreneur Academy
September 18, 2018
Tuesday, Sep 18 Hour 1: I don't believe Kavanaugh's Me Too accuser
Sep 18 Hour 2: Muslim on anger; Unhinged black caller; We don't believe Kavanaugh accuser
Sep 18 Hour 3: Blacks looting in NC. Ex-alt-right. 20yo fan fired! Maze believes accuser.
September 17, 2018
Monday, Sep 17 Hour 1: Tia - Innocently Fierce; Liberal "Men" Are Beta Males!
Sep 17 Hour 2: Danie Barnard on South Africa violence; Stay with prayer and renew your mind
Sep 17 Hour 3: Garbage Disposal debate; Domestic violence: Beta male needs to forgive mother!
September 14, 2018
Fri, Sep 14 Hour 1: Hurricane Florence! Maxine Encouraged Harassment & Threats
Sep 14 Hour 2: Jesse helps men with issues; Yahoo Unfiltered. Men & women: Drop anger
Sep 14 Hour 3: Waking up with no alarm; Jesse a hypocrite because Trump? Southern man
September 13, 2018
Sep 13 Hour 1: Bernard Kerik on Trump vs. Terror & Thugs; Overcome Anger
Sep 13 Hour 2: Atheist wakes up; Michael Eric Dyson an evil man, typical of black church
Sep 13 Hour 3: Seek God, Not Girlfriend; Atheist Doesn't Realize She Believes in Satan
September 12, 2018
Sep 12 Hour 1: Jason Ottley on Diet; Corrupt Maxine Waters; Blacks' Fake Protest
Sep 12 Hour 2: Willem Petzer Attacked Again; Thomas Thinks Blacks Are Passive & Forgiving
Sep 12 Hour 3: Beta males talk to Jesse: Move out of Mama's! Depression & suicide: Bad parents
September 11, 2018
Sep 11 Hour 1: Blacks Support Democrats' Apathy on Black-on-black Crime; NFL Thugs
Sep 11 Hour 2: Hollyweird; Man takes care of drunk liberal wife's mother! Black moral values
Sep 11 Hour 3: Atheist turns Christian, thx Jesse! LA town boycotts Nike, blacks protest
September 10, 2018
Sep 10 Hour 1: Obama's a horrible person! Chicago violence: Boy burned alive in a trash can
Sep 10 Hour 2: No-class Serena Williams acts out! Man tries to call Trump a "ho."
Sep 10 Hour 3: Truck drivers take Jesse's advice! Black mothers & step dad hurt kids' credit!
September 07, 2018
Sep 7 Hour 1: Cory Booker & Kamala Harris: Evil; Media Matters hit piece on Jesse!
Sep 7 Hour 2: Entitled father making son feel guilty; Forgive and have perfect peace.
Sep 7 Hour 3: Biblical Question: Women know they sin. Jim Brown tells the truth!
September 06, 2018
Sep 6 Hour 1: P. R. Rooney: Left is for Civil War; Trump MAGA vs NY Times destruction
Sep 6 Hour 2: Kevin Jackson: BLEEDING BLUE. Evil to turn kids from fathers. Face mother.
Sep 6 Hour 3: Asher Shalom's business attacked by anti-Trump haters; Don't blame Jews
September 05, 2018
Aug 5 Hour 1: Democrats act out at Kavanaugh hearing; Do women believe they don't sin?
Aug 5 Hour 2: Does Jesse hate women, or do you hate your mother? Anti-Trump Bob Woodward
Aug 5 Hour 3: Can't learn God in school; Tell the truth, let people suffer, stay with prayer
September 04, 2018
Sep 4 Hour 1: Nike for thug Kaepernick; Black preacher cowers to lies after Aretha funeral
Sep 4 Hour 2: Bishop grabby with Ariana Grande; Black "Christian" woman defends liars/Obama
Sep 4 Hour 3: Pro-black sees truth of Jesse's message; Face and forgive your mother!
September 03, 2018
Sep 3 Hour 1: Funerals: Where lies are told. Meghan McCain, Obama, & Bush attack Trump
Sep 3 Hour 2: Meghan McCain: Anger no excuse to lie! Al Sharpton lying at Aretha's funeral
Sep 3 Hour 3: Owen Benjamin vs children of the lie; Teacher slammed student: Self-defense?
August 31, 2018
Aug 31 Hour 1: Don't Marry Divorced People! Soros Paid Gillum! Antifa's Not Black!
Aug 31 Hour 2: Cops Told to Stand Down to Allow Destruction. Forgive and Don't Worry
Aug 31 Hour 3: No Sex Before Marriage! Women Don't Think They're Sinners?!
August 30, 2018
Aug 30 Hour 1: DeSantis is right: We can't monkey around! Muslim terrorist suspects let out!
Aug 30 Hour 2: Natural Family Foundation; Christian mother & fiancee turned LESBIAN!
Aug 30 Hour 3: From beta to alpha: Man forgave mother! Monkey shirt feedback!
August 29, 2018
Aug 29 Hour 1: Jason Ottley on fitness; No-money bail in CA; Anger: Father kills son
Aug 29 Hour 2: Blacks don't function! John Sununu vs CNN's Alisyn Camerota on McCain/Trump
Aug 29 Hour 3: Labor Day & Hispanics; Daily Show star Don; Boy punished: Called teacher ma'am
August 28, 2018
Aug 28 Hour 1: Bill Lockwood: Indian 'genocide' lie; Trump trade deal; Testimonial
Aug 28 Hour 2: Liberal celebrity tweets; Worried mother of Trump supporter son in college
Aug 28 Hour 3: Thank you, Tiger Woods! Angry father kills son. Week OK or no?
August 27, 2018
Aug 27 Hour 1: John McCain died, a nice RINO. "Stop prostituting the Word of God."
Aug 27 Hour 2: Whites try not to seem racist. Beta male: Kap not a thug; McCain not a RINO
Aug 27 Hour 3: Hector's nice: BETA! South Africa cannibalism
August 24, 2018
Aug 24 Hour 1: You can't trust an angry person: Lt Col Ralph Peters. "Have You Seen Her?"
Aug 24 Hour 2: "You Tom like a m—!" Weak parents destroy children. UNC thugs topple statue.
Aug 24 Hour 3: Slave to your father. Anger at bully blacks. Trump calls out Sessions.
August 23, 2018
Aug 23 Hour 1: Examples of Evil: South Africa, Illegal Aliens, Thug Kevin Hart
Aug 23 Hour 2: Forgiveness is Christian. Will Smith's family, SMH. White people, stop it!
Aug 23 Hour 3: Slightly Offensive: Elijah Schaffer on "Christian" Education
August 22, 2018
Aug 22 Hour 1: Willem Petzer: White South Africans under attack; Cohen & Manafort "Guilty"
Aug 22 Hour 2: Trump against censorship! Gentry, forgive your mama. Minority school violence
Aug 22 Hour 3: Black Israelite stopped hating. Slaves to sin. Antifa-type threatens ICE
August 21, 2018
Aug 21 Hour 1: Chicago shootings; Beta cop: "Mentoring." Illegal alien homicide suspect arrested.
Aug 21 Hour 2: Evil twin sister! Complaint: Cussing went out live! Confederate statue toppled!
Aug 21 Hour 3: Unglued and weird Phil Mudd! Veteran breaks down; Black woman breaks down; Forgive!
August 20, 2018
Aug 20 Hour 1: Christians in the lions' den; Christian baker's story; Driving to forgive parents
Aug 20 Hour 2: Willie Lynch is fake; Anger like your mother; Omarosa: Trump wants a race war
Aug 20 Hour 3: Asia Argento Me Too'd; Anti-Trump CIA, FBI; Atheist sees left is anti-white
August 17, 2018
Aug 17 Hour 1: South Africa ANC vs White Farmers; Interracial Dating; Cuomo vs Trump MAGA
Aug 17 Hour 2: Bring truth back to the black community; Black women rejected for ghetto names
Aug 17 Hour 3: The Antidote; More on Ghetto Names; Keith Ellison vs Me Too: They Hate All Men
August 16, 2018
Aug 16 Hour 1: Patrick Rooney vs Andrew Cuomo; White Farmer in South Africa speaks out
Aug 16 Hour 2: What is sin? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dummy; Conservative Muslim vs conservatives
Aug 16 Hour 3: Michael Malice on North Korea and evil in US; It's not about race or 'racism'
August 15, 2018
Aug 15 Hour 1: Robert Spencer: The History of Jihad. Omarosa evil woman; Phony racism
Aug 15 Hour 2: Attack on Stand Your Ground/whites; Black man married white "mama"!
Aug 15 Hour 3: "Toxic masculinity" a lie. Man breaks down over anger at father.
August 14, 2018
Aug 14 Hour 1: Unite the Right 2 vs Antifa; Omarosa the Lowlife Dog
Aug 14 Hour 2: AA Doesn't Get People Past Anger; Mothers, Go and Apologize to Children
Aug 14 Hour 3: Michael Tracey returns: Big Tech abuse of power; Cause of black-on-black crime
August 13, 2018
Aug 13 Hour 1: Owen Shroyer: Infowars censored! Media ignore Muslim terrorists. NFL thugs debate
Aug 13 Hour 2: Michael Tracey: Alex Jones ban; Man afraid of conflict with girlfriend, mother
Aug 13 Hour 3: Cause of black-on-black crime? Jewish pro-Trump rapper; Lust comes from anger