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November 16, 2018
Fri, Nov 16 Hour 1: Michael Wood Jr. returns: Atheism, BLM, Trump, Apology to Jesse!
Fri, Nov 16 Hour 2: Do you still sin? Callers talk to Jesse.
Fri, Nov 16 Hour 3: Truth on Brenda Snipes. More on sin: Was your mother perfect?
November 15, 2018
Thu, Nov 15 Hour 1: More love vs like; No passion; Jeff FLAKE; IndieGoGo launch
Thu, Nov 15 Hour 2: Ben Carson school vs Detroit; 18-y-o man smokes pot, lives with mother
Thu, Nov 15 Hour 3: Avenatti arrested for 'domestic violence'; Young woman is fine with Trump
November 14, 2018
Wed, Nov 14 Hour 1: Fire looters 'will be shot'; School renaming; New Planned Parenthood prez
Wed, Nov 14 Hour 2: Lost Brenda Snipes; What's it mean to 'like' others? Anger is wrong
Wed, Nov 14 Hour 3: Rebuild Weak Men; Simulation Theory/Therapy; Move Out & Forgive Parents
November 13, 2018
Tue, Nov 13 Hour 1: Liberal fires! Women driven to control men; Maxine Strong Black Woman
Tue, Nov 13 Hour 2: Women aren't strong. Parents sending kids to college. Fires a land grab?
Tue, Nov 13 Hour 3: PTSD from abusive brother, afraid to face mother; Joel on Affirmative Action
November 12, 2018
Mon, Nov 12 Hour 1: Fires in CA; Dems try to steal elections; Should you 'defend your faith'?
Mon, Nov 12 Hour 2: Tucker vs 'gay Latino immigrant'; Some blacks are waking up; EEOC women!
Mon, Nov 12 Hour 3: Love/Hate for Big Mama Michelle; Starting a business; Trump-hating in-law
November 09, 2018
Fri, Nov 9 Hour 1: Rick Scott: Rampant voter fraud? Blacks at war vs whites; Good over evil?
Fri, Nov 9 Hour 2: Caller: We have free will; Mass killer lived with mama; Christ our brother
Fri, Nov 9 Hour 3: Killing hogs & hens; Affirmative Action vs Jim Crow; Colin Kaepernick BOY
November 08, 2018
Thu, Nov 8 Hour 1: Mass killing; Sessions out; Brandon from Houston married!
Thu, Nov 8 Hour 2: Called by mama; Black caller can't answer: Did mama make mistakes?
Thu, Nov 8 Hour 3: Trump calls black anti-nationalist racist; Examples of attack on whites
November 07, 2018
Wed, Nov 7 Hour 1: No 'blue wave'! Beto cusses! 'African American' cries white supremacy!
Wed, Nov 7 Hour 2: Callers on elections etc; Phony Stacey Abrams alleges voter suppression
Wed, Nov 7 Hour 3: Patrick Rooney on elections; Socialist Ocasio-Cortez & dumb millennials
November 06, 2018
Tue, Nov 6 Hour 1: Trump ad too truthful for CNN; White public school teacher's dilemma
Tue, Nov 6 Hour 2: Vote for Democrats is for evil; Gillum intern assaults college Republican
Tue, Nov 6 Hour 3: Pornography is not the sin: Overcome pride, anger, playing God.
November 05, 2018
Mon, Nov 5 Hour 1: Joshua Sperling on CA midterms ballot; Angry callers on affirmative action
Mon, Nov 5 Hour 2: Man quit pot! Obama on character?? Get off your knees, boy!
Mon, Nov 5 Hour 3: Don't let Satan talk you out of forgiveness; Left-wing false accuser LIED!
November 02, 2018
Fri, Nov 2 Hour 1: Oprah stumps for black socialist; Black Panther actor Michael B Jordan too
Fri, Nov 2 Hour 2: Trump a good example of a Christian; Kyle Kulinski spreads lie about Jesse
Fri, Nov 2 Hour 3: Maxine Waters for black revenge; Blacks were creative when they were moral
November 01, 2018
Thu, Nov 1 Hour 1: Forgiveness is for women too! Don Lemon trashes white men as terrorists
Thu, Nov 1 Hour 2: PR Rooney: Anchor baby scam on blacks; Mama's boy on polygamous brother
Thu, Nov 1 Hour 3: More with the man with the evil mother; Callers rant on sluts & immigrants
October 31, 2018
Wed, Oct 31 Hour 1: Trump pays respects at synagogue; Caller disagrees Kaepernick's a thug
Wed, Oct 31 Hour 2: Who's a beta male? Caller on how blacks fell for Democrats. Biblical Q
Wed, Oct 31 Hour 3: I wish Trump radicalized more than ISIS. No -isms! Pot bad for youth!
October 30, 2018
Tue, Oct 30 Hour 1: Bill Lockwood on migrants & anti-US UN. Do not have fear!
Tue, Oct 30 Hour 2: More on Andrew Gillum; Whiteface! Black excuses for out-of-wedlock birth!
Tue, Oct 30 Hour 3: Biblical Q: Blacks think whites afraid; Son's mother kept him from father
October 29, 2018
Mon, Oct 29 Hour 1: Jew-hater shoots up Synagogue. Matthew McManus questions Jesse
Mon, Oct 29 Hour 2: Callers on evil, thugs, fear. Young man living at home wants to join army
Mon, Oct 29 Hour 3: More debate over apartment lady. Black conservatives confront Jesse.
October 26, 2018
Fri, Oct 26 Hour 1: Blacks Mad About 'Blackface'? Fix Your Own Lives! Megyn Kelly GONE!
Fri, Oct 26 Hour 2: Lady against separating illegal aliens. Liberal 'beta' hate-listens to Jesse!
Fri, Oct 26 Hour 3: Jamaican Israelite: Racism is MORAL; Is life fair? Do we get what we deserve?
October 25, 2018
Thu, Oct 25 Hour 1: Don't fall for the 'pipe bomb' hysteria of the children of the lie
Thu, Oct 25 Hour 2: MORE racial profiling debate! Al Sharpton a thug! Megyn Kelly apology!
Thu, Oct 25 Hour 3: Ali on midterms, pipe bomb, Based Era, & love! Callers on race nonsense
October 24, 2018
Wed, Oct 24 Hour 1: Jason Ottley on weight loss; Second illegal caravan coming!
Wed, Oct 24 Hour 2: Racism is a joke; Nephew's suicide; Divorce because of beta male
Wed, Oct 24 Hour 3: US was great during slavery. Trump is a nationalist. Jake Tapper is evil.
October 23, 2018
Tue, Oct 23 Hour 1: Hondurans paint swastika on US flag, burn it. Trump: I'm a nationalist!
Tue, Oct 23 Hour 2: Ex-con judges himself. Is life fair? God doesn't judge you. Satan does.
Tue, Oct 23 Hour 3: Obama lies about lying! Another felon: Accept it! Did you deserve it?
October 22, 2018
Mon, Oct 22 Hour 1: Illegal Aliens coming! Black man attempts to rape white woman at apt!
Mon, Oct 22 Hour 2: Transgenders' phony civil rights; Trump supporter woman afraid of family
Mon, Oct 22 Hour 3: Mo'Kelly coming to the Town Hall! Feminists, Jew-haters, beta males!
October 19, 2018
Fri, Oct 19 Hour 1: Trump vs. illegal aliens & CNN; Mixed-race man; More on Matheus's mother!
Fri, Oct 19 Hour 2: Trump bringing anti-Christ? Female teacher sex on cam with male student
Fri, Oct 19 Hour 3: Alpha after hearing Jesse! Negative feedback for Jesse on POT!
October 18, 2018
Thu, Oct 18 Hour 1: Don't have leaders! Farrakhan's hate. White people looted!
Thu, Oct 18 Hour 2: White woman cried sexual assault on black boy. Illegal aliens bad people!
Thu, Oct 18 Hour 3: Man asks how to deal with temptation. The pornography is not the sin!
October 17, 2018
Wed, Oct 17 Hour 1: Beware of Children of the Lie; Trump vs Illegals; Apartment lady wrong?
Wed, Oct 17 Hour 2: Should Christians help illegals? Neighbors & racial profiling
Wed, Oct 17 Hour 3: Out-of-wedlock births out-of-control; Entrepreneur Academy; Agoraphobia
October 16, 2018
Tue, Oct 16 Hour 1: Trump deals with Leslie Stahl; White woman "racially profiles" black man?
Tue, Oct 16 Hour 2: "Racial Profiling": Good suffer with bad; Neighbors should know each other
Tue, Oct 16 Hour 3: Weak men, out-of-control women; Bill Cosby's beta judge; Trump beta?
October 15, 2018
Mon, Oct 15 Hour 1: Don't fear people with titles; It's not negative that we're divided!
Mon, Oct 15 Hour 2: A man shouldn't be friends with a woman; Woman forgave but still afraid
Mon, Oct 15 Hour 3: Trump hater gets advice from Jesse; Man let his wife raise the boys
October 12, 2018
Fri, Oct 12 Hour 1: Black Beta Males Attack Kanye West for Loving President Trump
Fri, Oct 12 Hour 2: Blacks who hate whites hate Kanye. VT: Beta male RINO vs TRANSGENDER!
Fri, Oct 12 Hour 3: Man's mother hated him because she hates his father. Wife hates him too.
October 11, 2018
Thu, Oct 11 Hour 1: Liberals Want Blacks Suffering and Immoral; CNN: Kanye "Token Negro"
Thu, Oct 11 Hour 2: Jason Ottley on weight loss, nutrition; Callers talk to Jesse
Thu, Oct 11 Hour 3: Brother Dean Saxton: Preacher at Slut Walk; Can Whites Save Their Country?
October 10, 2018
Wed, Oct 10 Hour 1: Trump vs Feinstein: Lock Her Up! Hillary Can't Be Civil.
Wed, Oct 10 Hour 2: Democrat Party Is Evil: "Uncle Tom!" 19yo Girl on Anti-White Education
Wed, Oct 10 Hour 3: Romanian: Dividing the races with Marxism; John Mayer is anti-alpha male
October 09, 2018
Tue, Oct 9 Hour 1: Advice to mothers; Trump apologizes to Kavanaugh, comments on T Swift
Tue, Oct 9 Hour 2: Jan on forgiving evil mother; Alexis of Philly on single, bipolar mother
Tue, Oct 9 Hour 3: Trump for Kavanaugh & cops; You don't have to go to college; you can work.
October 08, 2018
Mon, Oct 8 Hour 1: Congrats, Justice Kavanaugh! Happy Columbus Day! Indians smoked peyote
Mon, Oct 8 Hour 2: Shut up, women! Biblical Question: Why are women publicly telling stories?
Mon, Oct 8 Hour 3: Evil Taylor Swift Goes Political; Story of husband falsely accused of rape