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March 16, 2018
Mar 16 Hour 1: Brainwashed leftist kids walk out. Blacks should be for the Second Amendment
Mar 16 Hour 2: Bring every thought into captivity; Schools corrupt young people's minds
Mar 16 Hour 3: Hillary lies and falls; White men forced to speak with caution; Don't fake the 'spirit'
March 15, 2018
Mar 15 Hour 1: Michael Greer on socialist UN plan; Jesse yelled at dumb kids at school gun walkout
Mar 15 Hour 2: Black callers accuse Jesse of hating blacks and women. You are controlled by anger
Mar 15 Hour 3: Overcome mama; Mental illness and guns; You don't find your purpose
March 14, 2018
Mar 14 Hour 1: Vanessa Grigoriadis on men vs women & sexual assault; Illegal mother arrested
Mar 14 Hour 2: Finding your purpose. Dumb students walk out for gun control. Step parents no good
Mar 14 Hour 3: Tim Mostert on South African child-headed households & Trump's leadership in U.S.
March 13, 2018
Mar 13 Hour 1: Paul Elam on the attack on men. NO COLLUSION, DUH! Trump vs Maxine
Mar 13 Hour 2: Bruno Mars, cultural appropriator? Man hangs up on Jesse over Christian sinning
Mar 13 Hour 3: A fiancee's manipulative family; Debating blacks on illegal aliens and love for whites
March 12, 2018
Mar 12 Hour 1: John Griffing: Left attacks the South; but Trump wins. Maxine Waters for reparations
Mar 12 Hour 2: Alabama State Rep. Will Ainsworth for arming teachers. Trump: No Gun Free Zones!
Mar 12 Hour 3: Maxine Waters a very low IQ individual. Trump is right! Why Jesse focuses on blacks
March 09, 2018
Mar 9 Hour 1: Black people are known not to tip, and there's proof! Farrakhan attracts hateful people
Mar 9 Hour 2: Trump to meet Kim Jong-Un; Overcome challenges; Protestors in-your-face for illegals
Mar 9 Hour 3: Hollywood Reporter promotes Beta Males; Black pastor BJ King is a coward and beta!
March 08, 2018
Mar 8 Hour 1: Antjuan Seawright anti-gun, pro-Obama Christian; Sessions vs. CA Democrats
Mar 8 Hour 2: Pro-illegal alien protestors. A mother admits mistakes raising son.
Mar 8 Hour 3: Sue B Zimmerman, The Instagram Expert, on entrepreneurship and business success
March 07, 2018
Mar 7 Hour 1: Jackie Mason on celebrity anti-Trump hate; BLACK college student kills own parents!
Mar 7 Hour 2: Father makes son run in rain for bullying; Nashville's disgraced female mayor resigns
Mar 7 Hour 3: Rollo Tomassi, The Rational Male on positive masculinity, & why women want real men
March 06, 2018
Mar 6 Hour 1: Claston Bernard, author of OUTCAST. Gang shootings at funerals in Cook County
Mar 6 Hour 2: Kimmel's male weakness at Oscars. Is there a time to lie?
Mar 6 Hour 3: Would you lie to 'Allahu Akbar'? Should a husband who cheated lie to his wife?
March 05, 2018
Mar 5 Hour 1: Oprah pushes evil; Marion Barry gets a statue; Julissa Arce advocates for Dreamers
Mar 5 Hour 2: Lt. Commander near tears over guns. Illegals overrun TX. Jimmy Kimmel a man?
Mar 5 Hour 3: Rev. David Alexander Bullock on sin, Richard Spencer, Farrakhan & hate speech
March 02, 2018
Mar 2 Hour 1: Oprah is worse than Obama; Evil attacks on Christian and NRA
Mar 2 Hour 2: Buy 2 copies The Antidote; Soft on crime; Love and judgment
Mar 2 Hour 3: White women shoot black robber; Angry black guy cusses out white cop
March 01, 2018
Mar 1 Hour 1: Don't overreact to lies. AP thinks Trump's 'racist.' Gun buying age?
Mar 1 Hour 2: Fire the Oakland mayor for harboring illegals! Emails & FB comments
Mar 1 Hour 3: Female teacher rapes boy; Harvard attacks Christian club
February 28, 2018
Feb 28 Hour 1: Oakland Mayor warns illegals of ICE raid. Jay-Z pushes Trayvon Martin lies
Feb 28 Hour 2: Alexander J.A. Cortes on men today, God, the flaws of atheism, and adulthood
Feb 28 Hour 3: Ethan forgave mother, discovered confidence. Any men in FL? Gun rights debate
February 27, 2018
Feb 27 Hour 1: Bill Lockwood on Juvenile Detention, Florida shooting, & black morality
Feb 27 Hour 2: Black Panther review; Guns, liberals, and Trump (can he be a Hitler?)
Feb 27 Hour 3: To Alex: Be independent! KINFOLKS CORNER: Trump vs Obama, who's better?
February 26, 2018
Feb 26 Hour 1: A Night for Freedom, Wash, DC! Liberal boy beats up Little Marco over NRA!
Feb 26 Hour 2: Children of the Lie attack NRA, Trump; Guess who Jesse met at A Night for Freedom
Feb 26 Hour 3: Support the NRA, boycott boycotting companies! Phony liberal coward FL sheriff
February 23, 2018
Feb 23 Hour 1: Kids at CNN Town Hall against NRA don't know anything
Feb 23 Hour 2: Out-of-control kids, liberal teacher and sheriff attack NRA on CNN Town Hall
Feb 23 Hour 3: Michael Ian Black rejects masculinity and won't come on Jesse's show
February 22, 2018
Feb 22 Hour 1: Patrick Rooney on getting active again; Haters of Billy Graham, Trump, and NRA
Feb 22 Hour 2: Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Me Too; Biblical Question: Can you be holy and still sin?
Feb 22 Hour 3: Jim cites conspiracy theory: Most of these shootings are staged!
February 21, 2018
Feb 21 Hour 1: Brainwashed Florida students being used to push gun control at capital, D.C.
Feb 21 Hour 2: Should Christians support gun rights? Media and liars exploit kids for gun control
Feb 21 Hour 3: 'Moms' demand gun control, but the issue is the people's heart.
February 20, 2018
Feb 20 Hour 1: Allie Stuckey on Me Too vs Christianity; Dumb Black Panther hype; Entrepreneur story
Feb 20 Hour 2: Fergie's National Anthem; Living with mother; Where does black anger come from?
Feb 20 Hour 3: Caller thinks Jesse is 'kinda white.' Does Jesse help or hurt black people?
February 19, 2018
Feb 19 Hour 1: Know God's voice vs Satan's. Tim Mostert: Trump's energy & the South African family
Feb 19 Hour 2: Biblical Question: Can you be holy and still sin? Hate is never based on skin color
Feb 19 Hour 3: T accuses Jesse of hating blacks for white money. Me Too is about hating Trump and men
February 16, 2018
Feb 16 Hour 1: The spirit that drove FL school shooter Nikolas Cruz; You must be perfect
Feb 16 Hour 2: Be perfect to enter the kingdom of God; Paul deals with anger, marriage and parents
Feb 16 Hour 3: Do not call evil good. Antonio on his family. Stupid liberals blame guns and Trump
February 15, 2018
Feb 15 Hour 1: Laura Loomer on Florida school shooter, drugs for kids, broken family and morality
Feb 15 Hour 2: FL shooting: Without God, evil takes over. Indoctrinated students ban National Anthem
Feb 15 Hour 3: Bring back God and family; don't ban guns. Trump speaks on FL shooting
February 14, 2018
Feb 14 Hour 1: Valentine's Day explained? Black women escape whites; Omarosa a phony preacher
Feb 14 Hour 2: Muslim lies about racism and blackness; Why don't whites address blacks' hatred?
Feb 14 Hour 3: White fear is lack of faith; Evil ladies on The View; Jay-Z insane; A son is born
February 13, 2018
Feb 13 Hour 1: Colin Flaherty on black violence, liberal denial; Barack & Michelle Obama portraits!
Feb 13 Hour 2: Clint Eastwood's 15:17 to Paris. Fake Christianity and imperfect people.
Feb 13 Hour 3: If you can get angry, do you have the spirit of anger within? Racism and house slaves
February 12, 2018
Feb 12 Hour 1: Evil attack on white men; Female Me Too politician allegedly groped male staffer
Feb 12 Hour 2: Black women retreat from white people. Will Trump restore Due Process for men?
Feb 12 Hour 3: Cop killer: Black man in Ohio. Amnesty for the Wall? Can you be perfect?
February 09, 2018
Feb 9 Hour 1: Rob Porter resigns: UNFAIR! George W. Bush a selfish person, so is Omarosa
Feb 9 Hour 2: On blacks & Democrats; John Kelly right about lazy dreamers, Ted Lieu an evil liar
Feb 9 Hour 3: Going through pain, regret, and temptation; Biased anti-Trump college people
February 08, 2018
Feb 8 Hour 1: Evil parents will suffer; Obama's corrupt FBI; Nancy Pelosi Not My Grandma
Feb 8 Hour 2: David Hughes on black education; BLM activist shot, killed
Feb 8 Hour 3: Trump Speaks at National Prayer Breakfast; WH Press Staffer Resigns after old allegations of domestic abuse.
February 07, 2018
Feb 7 Hour 1: John Lott on criminal illegal aliens; Story of forgiveness over suicide
Feb 7 Hour 2: SpaceX launch report; Callers on illegals
Feb 7 Hour 3: Vincent Bauhaus on demon possession and mental illness
February 06, 2018
Feb 6 Hour 1: Veronica Birkenstock in TX; Black politicians hate black people
Feb 6 Hour 2: Callers on getting America back; Whoopi Goldberg can't even say Trump's name
Feb 6 Hour 3: Derryck Green: Blacks should return to Christianity; Dodge Ram Trucks powerful MLK ad
February 05, 2018
Feb 5 Hour 1: Jeffrey Burum runs for Congress; Super Bowl riot in Philly; CBC hates blacks
Feb 5 Hour 2: Devastation of anger and weak men; Ex-Catholic Jim of Santa Cruz sees truth Jesse tells
Feb 5 Hour 3: Anti-military teacher; WOC regrets not aborting son; illegal drunk driver kills NFL player