“Out-of-Wedlock Births = Retarded!” Jesse vs Ty Barnett

Wednesday, Dec 6th, black comedian, actor, and writer Ty Barnett joins Jesse once again for interview/debate about black issues in America. See Ty's last appearance (alongside comedian Shang) on Jesse's other show The Fallen State https://youtu.be/6eNKd_2rU0k Ty doesn't realize that black out-of-wedlock births have reached over 70 percent. Jesse asks how Ty as an Army veteran feels about Colin Kaepernick and the NFL thugs kneeling for the National Anthem. Ty brings up veteran Nate Boyer who made him kneel. Jesse mentions Phil Robertson picked cotton with him.

Michael Gallagher-Ashurst Was A SJW BETA!

Today’s guest was Michael Gallagher-Ashurst; he is an Internet personality who is popular on the Web for his satirical Facebook videos on social justice issues. Him and Jesse discuss the topics of toxic masculinity, feminism, relationships, and abortion.

Jesse asks him about his upbringing and if he considers himself a man. Michael responds by saying he was raised by his mother and that his father was a toxic male.

How Feminist Women Are Building A Shameless Society - Jesse Peterson on HANNITY

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson appeared on HANNITY's TV show on The Fox News Channel on 5/1/2012 where angry feminist Kirsten Powers went rogue and declared war on Rev. Peterson. Powers tried to 'hijack' Sean Hannity's show and confront Rev. Peterson regarding his remarks that liberal women like Sandra Fluke are building a shameless society.

Jesse Peterson vs. Leo Terrell on HANNITY: Fiery Debate on Race and Walter Scott Police Shooting

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson appears on "Hannity" on The Fox News Channel debating Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell about the shooting death of Walter Scott by Charleston, SC Police Officer Michael Slager.

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Black Leader Challenges Oprah's Claims of White Racism

Media magnate Oprah Winfrey is under fire for recent controversial remarks she made during an interview with the BBC about her film The Butler. In the interview, Winfrey said that the only way for racism to disappear would be for "older [white] people who were born, bred, and marinated in prejudice and racism to die." She also made the assertion that growing criticism of President Barack Obama occurs because "he's African-American." Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President of BOND (Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny) and the South Central L.A.

Comedian LUENELL! on Maxine Waters, Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, and Colin Kaepernick

Luenell (@Luenell and HeyLuenell.com), actress and comedienne, defends Maxine Waters (the Wicked Witch of the West) and former First Lady Michelle Obama (who was hoochie mama dancing with short sleeves). She likes Meghan Markle, the "sister" about to marry Prince Harry (Jesse says, CALL IT OFF!). They debate whether "police brutality" exists, and whether the NFL players have the right to protest and turn their back on the flag (she says it's not against the flag, but Kaepernick specifically referenced the flag and country).

Jesse Lee Peterson on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher: Jesse Jackson, George W. Bush 2000

Flashback to late 2000 after the election of President George W. Bush against Al Gore. Rev. Jesse Jackson called it a coup and told blacks Bush used Nazi tactics, stirring black anger and getting them ready to riot. The so-called "civil rights" leaders stirred the L.A. riots after the Rodney King incident, and the Hispanics were in on the looting.

"GET THIS IDIOT OFF MY SHOW!" - Don't ever have him back on again! David Pakman kicked off

David Pakman (DavidPakman.com) — he rattles off things President Trump (The Great White Hope) has not (yet) done, shrugs off what Jesse points out (illegal immigration & unemployment both down, etc.) as "talking points." Jesse points out the Democrats have only gotten worse. David is "progressive" and not Democrat. Is it "progress" to pay for transgender sex reassignment surgery in prisons?