Jesse Lee Peterson

Conservatives and the Alt-Right: Unite to Defeat Evil

Hillary named the “alt-right” as a “conspiracy theorist” movement led by “Vladimir Putin.” She tried to discredit Breitbart News by citing the deceitful Southern Poverty Law Center. Hillary Clinton, one of the coldest human beings alive, accused Alex Jones ( of having a “dark heart.” She sanctimoniously condemned David Duke as a “racist” former KKK leader. (Apparently she only likes Democrat KKK recruiters who “mentor” her.)

America is getting conned by Khizr Khan

Allah makes people like Trump to make mistakes to discredit them in public eyes forever.” – Khizr Khan, Dunya Pakistani News

Republicans are very naïve or stupid to fall for the lies told by Khizr Khan, which are being enthusiastically supported by the establishment media.

Khizr Khan appeared at the Democratic National Convention with his wife, Ghazala, alongside an image of their late son, U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq in 2004. Khan delivered a vile speech filled with lies attacking Donald Trump. Trump was against the Iraq war, and Hillary backed it – go figure.


A black mother from Georgia viciously beat her 16-year-old daughter and aired it on Facebook Live as “punishment.”

Shanavia Miller cussed and punched her daughter Nia Green in the face and body for four minutes and then told viewers: “Now I’m gonna need y’all to send this viral. Please share this because I’m not done. More to come.”


Below is Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson's review of David Horowitz’s new book, “Progressive Racism," which is volume 6 of The Black Book of the American Left, a multi-volume collection of David Horowitz's conservative writings that will, when completed, be the most ambitious effort ever undertaken to define the Left and its agenda. (Order HERE.) We encourage our readers to visit – which features Horowitz’s introductions to Volumes 1-6 of this 10-volume series, along with their tables of contents, reviews and interviews with the author.


After Vox host Carlos Maza, a radical homosexual who hates Christian conservatives, wrote a viral Twitter thread whining to YouTube about being harassed by conservative YouTube personality Stephen Crowder and his followers, YouTube demonetized my channel and purged many conservatives on its platform. Just a day earlier, YouTube had said in a series of tweets that Crowder’s alleged harassment of Maza (which consisted of jokes and parodies) did not violate its policies.