October 19, 2016

Black Activist Confronts Gloria Allred For Lying on Trump; Debates Pro-Hillary Reporters

Author and talk show host, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump held a press conference and protest Tuesday (October 19, 2016) outside the Los Angeles office of attorney Gloria Allred, who represents Summer Zervos — the woman who claims she was a victim of unwanted sexual advances by Donald Trump.

Carrying signs saying, “Gloria Allred exploits women” and “Make America Great Again! #MAGA,” protesters rallied near the entrance to Allred’s office in Los Angeles. Jesse Lee Peterson fielded questions from reporters and had some heated and very interesting exchanges with a couple of "journalists" who couldn't hide their blatant bias and support for Hillary Clinton.

Jesse Peterson also attempted to enter Gloria Allred's office to ask her some questions, but he was told that Ms. Allred was not available and was turned away by security. Upon exiting the building, Jesse stood at the top of the stairs and notified the media about what had transpired. He stated that Gloria Allred was hiding under her desk and refused to speak to or come out. Allred later issued a statement through the press responding to the protests stating that she was defending women's rights.