February 23, 2017

Jesse Lee Speaks to UCLA Bruin Republicans on “Racism,” Family, & TRUMP

Jesse Peterson spoke to the Bruin Republicans at UCLA on February 23, about the fact that “racism” and “police brutality” do not exist, that it’s all about family, returning children to fathers, and overcoming anger and forgiving our parents.
Barack Obama divided the races, but President Donald Trump is uniting them, and whuppin’ the left wing media with a switch from a tree (including fake news CNN) for being so hateful and lying, said Jesse.
Jesse talked about growing up poor on a plantation in Alabama, and though they were poor, Jesse said he doesn’t recall the adults encouraging hatred of white Americans. He also talked about how while working on his latest book, “The Antidote,” he came to the realization that the idea of “racism” is a lie designed by the left to keep black Americans blind and in a state of hate, blame, and victimhood in order to divide the races and punish white Americans.
The Bruin Republicans did a great job organizing this event. The attendees were all well-behaved and asked great questions during the Q & A portion of the event.
Thank you, Bruin Republicans! Your club serves as a great example of tolerance and free speech on campus.