February 24, 2018

A Night for Freedom, Washington, D.C. Celebrating life, culture, music & mindset

Jesse Lee spoke on a Q&A panel discussion at A Night for Freedom in Washington, D.C., alongside promoter and friend Mike Cernovich, podcast host Stefan Molyneux, speaker and writer Milo Yiannopoulos, and Gabe Hoffman, producer of the documentary An Open Secret

Many young men and women asked how to break through the error in leftists’ thinking. Jesse pointed out that you cannot reason with evil. You must simply speak the truth without fear, and let people overreact or respond however they might. But never back down, and never be divided from others on the side of good simply because they’re under attack, nor even because you disagree on certain issues. Stand with one another so that we can remain united for the cause of good. 

Jesse pointed out an example with journalist Colin Flaherty, a unique reporter who lost his YouTube channel, because he exposes the hatred blacks express toward whites. Jesse brought him onto his program on Newsmax TV, to talk about what’s going on. Similarly, we all should support those on the side of truth when they go through challenges, in whatever way we can. 

After the Q&A session, we had dinner and socialized. Both young and old attended the event — it was refreshing to see so many young people who’ve escaped the leftist indoctrination of schools, media, and mainstream culture. Many people came up to Jesse to tell him how he changed their lives, simply through his videos on YouTube and his program on Newsmax TV, talking about about anger and forgiveness. Some of them probed deeper into the question of why one should forgive one’s mother for the mistakes she made. Almost universally, men and women resent their mothers; many do not recognize or admit it; many do not understand how to forgive and become independent and free. Jesse was able to talk in-depth with sincere people. 

During the event, Jesse ventured up to the street entrance to see Antifa protestors calling everybody “racist” and “sexist,” accusing attendees of “white privilege” because they paid to attend the private event in safety. Many wore masks, carried red communist flags, shouted and held vulgar and hateful signs depicting violence and ill will. 

Thanks to the police and the organizers’ excellent security team for keeping everybody safe from the vicious mob. 

Mike Cernovich, who planned the event, became the first to bring Milo, Stefan, and Jesse all to the same table. Look out for the podcast that they recorded during the Q&A. 

Thank you very much to Mike Cernovich and his team, as well as Stefan Molyneux, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gabe Hoffman, the VIP attendees, and everyone else who attended. We saw many well-known and friendly faces, including faithful listeners and callers to Jesse’s show from around the country. It was a great night. 

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