January 01, 2017

Report: Jesse Spoke on Anger, "Racism," & The Antidote to Santa Monica Republican Women Federated

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Over the years, Jesse has spoken to numerous Republican Women groups around southern California and the country. He's always received very well, and he loves talking with them. 

This time, Jesse spoke about how happy he was that Trump won, and how destructive Obama has been the past 8 years. He urged that "we the people" watch the Republicans, including Trump, from now on, and hold them accountable if they don't do right. 

The Antidote

Jesse talked about the principles proven in his book "The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame and Victimhood." He told stories from the lives of famous black men, and described their family situations -- guys like Barack Obama, Louis Farrakhan, OJ Simpson, and Muhammad Ali. 

Barack was not raised by his father. His father spoke to his class at school before high school, and told the children that white people were racist against black people in Africa and the US. Obama's white grandmother had a bad experience a black man, and whenever she talked about black people, he believed she was "racist" against blacks. 

OJ Simpson's father came out homosexual when OJ was five years old. His father left the house and became a drag queen in San Francisco. He later died of AIDS. OJ has never never gotten over that. 

Muhammad Ali joined Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam (NOI) through Malcolm X, and they were good friends. When Malcolm exposed that then-NOI leader Elijah Muhammad was committing adultery with various women. Muhammad Ali betrayed Malcolm X, and Malcolm was soon assassinated by three Nation of Islam members, and Louis Farrakhan replaced Malcolm. 

Louis Farrakhan's mother tried to abort him with a coat hanger. His mother hated him and he didn't grow up with his father. It's no wonder that he is an angry, evil man today. 

Racism Does Not Exist

In The Antidote, Jesse proves that "racism" does not exist, and has never existed, but only anger, which starts in the home from failing parents, especially in those without good fathers. 

A woman in the audience said that her brother was killed by a police officer at age 21, when she was 17. She was telling of this once recently in another setting, and a person asked if the officer was black. This was both baffling and upsetting to her. Jesse told her not to overreact next time, but just to say no, and shrug it off to let the person know it’s an irrelevant, foolish question — because it’s truly not about “race,” but about character. 

The culture has trained people to think in shallow terms such as the made-up, imaginary, illusionary idea of “racism.” 

A man in the audience — a pastor — asked how people should forgive. Many say they forgive, but they don’t truly. 

The talk resonated with the women and men there. Our battle is not about mere politics, but is spiritual. Many went away with new hope, more lasting than any presidential legacy.