November 01, 2016

[VIDEO] Trump & Hillary Voters CLASH at Town Hall

On Tuesday, Nov. 1, Jesse Lee Peterson hosted an Election Town Hall Forum in Los Angeles with Trump, Hillary, and independent voters. On the stage representing their respective candidates were KEITH McCOWEN, former Republican Party nominee for the California State Assembly and County Deputy leader with the Trump campaign and BEATE CHELETTE, entrepreneur, nationally known “gender decoder,” and author of “The Woman’s Code" and "Happy Woman, Happy World."

Leaders and members of the NAACP as well as California State Assembly candidates were present. The discussion was honest and it did get heated at times. Black Trump supporters showed up in force and spoke their minds. An SEIU leader and Democrat candidate for State Assemblyman in California’s 55th district couldn’t defend Hillary’s record and when he was pressed to name one of her accomplishments he ran for the door!

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