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We are under attack.

Google-owned YouTube falsely accused Jesse Lee Peterson of “Hate Speech” on June 24, 2019, deleting the day’s video with a “warning” from their website. Previously, YouTube demonetized Jesse’s channel on June 5, 2019, preventing fan donations and deleting two videos for “Hate Speech” that told people not to hate!

Facebook began censoring live video streams on Jesse’s show page starting July 2, 2019, under false pretenses of “Hate Speech.” We can no longer stream Jesse’s live radio show (or affiliate show The Hake Report) on Facebook, but only Church services Sunday 11 AM PT.

Amazon-owned Twitch suspended Jesse’s account (JLPtalk) on June 22, 2019, falsely accusing Jesse of imaginary “Hate Speech.” This was Jesse’s second so-called Community Guidelines “strike” from Twitch, less than a month after creating his channel. We no longer stream Jesse’s radio show on Twitch, but only Church services via BOND: Rebuilding the Man page.

Twitter (which owns Periscope) has suspended conservative accounts including Jesse’s producer James Hake for tweeting out facts frowned-upon by politically-correct liberals. Periscope flags and censors numerous harmless chat comments on Jesse’s live Periscope videos. Leftist-run platforms like Medium have banned Jesse altogether, for just for questioning the morality of new Democratic female “leadership.”

These corporate-owned websites forbid Americans to be honest about illegal aliens, Latinos, blacks, so-called LGBTQ people, Muslims, or women. To our knowledge, we have not yet faced censorship on DLive or Microsoft-owned Mixer. Keep up with Jesse on alternative social media and video platforms BitChute, Gab, and Minds! Some of these independent websites still support freedom of speech.

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