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August 22, 2019
Thu, Aug 22, Hour 1: Alpha? You Sure?; Trump Assasinates NBC Live On Air
Thu, Aug 22, Hour 2: The End of Catch and Release; Black and Proud!
Thu, Aug 22, Hour 3: My School is Brainwashing Me!; Highschooler Filmed Doing a Nazi Salute
August 21, 2019
Wed, Aug 21, Hour 1: Are You Convinced that All Thoughts are Lies?; JLP Reminisces on Days Gone Past
Wed, Aug 21, Hour 2: JLP Interviews Brandon from That's The Point; Your Mama Calls You Baby?
Wed, Aug 21, Hour 3: ANTIFA Losers Identified; Pride Flag Flies in Place of Veterans Flag; All That Knowledge Doesn't Make You Good
August 20, 2019
Tue, Aug 20, Hour 1: New York Betrays It's Police; Democrats Frantically Deny Voter Fraud
Tue, Aug 20, Hour 2: You Telling Me the Wall Isn't Working?; I Have a Love Hate Relationship with JLP
Tue, Aug 20, Hour 3: Kamala Cackles at the Thought of Controlling Your Children; Based Cartoon From 1948
August 19, 2019
Mon, Aug 19, Hour 1: ANTIFA Violence on Video; Right Wing Extremism Blamed
Mon, Aug 19, Hour 2: Mock Assasination of Trump; This Is Your Brain on Porn
Mon, Aug 19, Hour 3: There Are Lies Then There Are Damn Lies; Old Obama Video Comes to Light
August 16, 2019
Fri, Aug 16, Hour 1: Philly Crowd Goes Wild On Cops!; Fight Back Without Anger and You Win
Fri, Aug 16, Hour 2: New Hampshire Loves Trump!; Smacking Jesse with the Bible
Fri, Aug 16, Hour 3: What is Zionism?; Happy Black Gangster Month; Abortion Pushed on Students!
August 15, 2019
Thu, Aug 15, Hour 1: Mass Shooting You Probably Won't Hear About in Philadelphia
Thu, Aug 15, Hour 2: No More Handouts; I Love Trump but Friends Hate Me
Thu, Aug 15, Hour 3: Chinese Wave Our Flag While Our Very Own Try to Take it Down
August 14, 2019
Wed, Aug 14, Hour 1: Jesse Does Intermittent Fasting; Paradise is on Earth!
Wed, Aug 14, Hour 2: Chris Cuomo Goes Full Fredo; Joel Jumps Out of a Plane and Survives
Wed, Aug 14, Hour 3: How Can Men Give Up Their Manhood So Easily?
August 13, 2019
Tue, Aug 13, Hour 1: Biblical Q: Difference Christian vs Non? Andrew Yang Cries Like a BETA
Tue, Aug 13, Hour 2: Illegal Kills White Migrant-Supporter; Jewish Man Hates His Own People!
Tue, Aug 13, Hour 3: Illinois Gov Mandates LGBT History. Black-on-white Murder Incident
August 12, 2019
Mon, Aug 12, Hour 1: Epstein Dead? Who Cares; You Are Handing Over Your Country
Mon, Aug 12, Hour 2: Good Fathers Don't Let Daughters Vote Kamala Harris
Mon, Aug 12, Hour 3: Teacher Teaches Pride to School Kids; Straight Pride Denied Just Miles Away
August 09, 2019
Fri, Aug 9, Hour 1: Transgender Trivia with the Crew; Kicking Off Get It Off Your Chest
Fri, Aug 9, Hour 2: Biblical Question Answers; MS-13 in Cali on Stabbing Spree!
Fri, Aug 9, Hour 3: Thanks Jesse!; White Supremacy Hoax; All Your Calls!
August 08, 2019
Thu, Aug 8, Hour 1: Trumpers Clean Baltimore, Drive Lefties Crazy
Thu, Aug 8, Hour 2: Movie Depicting MAGA Types Being Hunted; Boys Medicated at an Alarming Rate
Thu, Aug 8, Hour 3: Racist Cops Arrest Man While on Horseback; Cartel Brandish Serious Weaponry
August 07, 2019
Wed, Aug 7, Hour 1: Death Camps for Trump Supporters; Connor Betts Frontmanned a "Pornogrind" Band
Wed, Aug 7, Hour 2: White Liberal Savior; Bus Driver Locks Passenger in Luggage; Help I was Raised by Two Dads!
Wed, Aug 7, Hour 3: How to Have the Bulldog Mindset with John Sonmez; Democrats Cannibalize Eachother;
August 06, 2019
Tue, Aug 6, Hour 1: What is a White Supremacist?
Tue, Aug 6, Hour 2: Is This White Supremacy?
Tue, Aug 6, Hour 3: Unhinged Protestors Outside of Mitch McConnell's Home;
August 05, 2019
Mon, Aug 5, Hour 1: Tragic Violence Over Weekend; Education Won't Bring You Salvation
Mon, Aug 5, Hour 2: Trump Addresses Nation On Weekend Shootings; Democrats Blame Guns and Trump
Mon, Aug 5, Hour 3: All Your Calls About the Weekend Massacres; Mexico Vows to Make US Pay
August 02, 2019
Fri, Aug 2, Hour 1: Kicking Off GIOYC Friday With Earl; Trump Supporters Assaulted
Fri, Aug 2, Hour 2: How Do I Return To My Liberal Father; Judicial Watch Vs. Ilhan Omar
Fri, Aug 2, Hour 3: Do Christians Swear?; and More Calls!
August 01, 2019
Thu, Aug 1, Hour 1: Doesn't August Just Feel Manly?
Thu, Aug 1, Hour 2: First Youtuber to Run for Congress Joey Saladino; Trump V. Cummings: The Peoples Verdict
Thu, Aug 1, Hour 3: New Age Wack Job Marianne Williamson; Charlize Theron's Trans Kid
July 31, 2019
Wed, July 31, Hour 1: White History Month: Don't Cry Because It's Over Smile Because It Happened
Wed, July 31, Hour 2: Officials Against Straight Pride; Did You Celebrate White History?
Wed, July 31, Hour 3: Sex And The City Creator is Old and Lonely; Mother Recreates her Son into a Beta Boy
July 30, 2019
Tue, July 30, Hour 1: Black Decline with Bill Lockwood; Trump Refuses to Let Up
Tue, July 30, Hour 2: How Dare He! Trump Saga Continues; Once Alpha Always Alpha
Tue, July 30, Hour 3: Tragedy at Gilroy California
July 29, 2019
Mon, July 29, Hour 1: Trump Isn't Falling for the Okie Doke; Recognizing the Voiceless Voice
Mon, July 29, Hour 2: Transgenderism and it's Connection to ANTIFA with Vivian Wulf
Mon, July 29, Hour 3: America Taken Down Monument by Monument with Alex Newman; Border Crisis Updates
July 26, 2019
Fri, July 26, Hour 1: Exhibit A: Trump Watches JLP; Truly Shocking News Stories
Fri, July 26, Hour 2: Ilhan Fears "White Radicals"; Callers Hate White History Month
Fri, July 26, Hour 3: Get It Off Your Chest!
July 25, 2019
Thu, July 25, Hour 1: Senile Mueller Stumbles Through Hearing; A Cheating Man is Like An Absent Father
Thu, July 25, Hour 2: Another Project Veritas Exposé; Tyler Wingate Remembered
Thu, July 25, Hour 3: Shocking: Negligent Mom Lets Infant Die; Brazen NYPD Assaults Continue
July 24, 2019
Wed, July 24, Hour 1: "No New Wall" Haters Say
Wed, July 24, Hour 2: "No Deportations" Haters Say
Wed, July 24, Hour 3: "I Wear the Pants"; Tyler Wingate Beaten to Death
July 23, 2019
Tuesday, July 23rd, Hour 1: Brazen Assaults on Cops; Unhinged Democrat 'Squad'
Tuesday, July 23rd, Hour 2: Fly Nubian Queen Vicki Dillard; A$AP Rocky Needs Trump
Tuesday, July 23rd, Hour 3: Jesse Drops Guest! Bill Cunningham and Jesse Chat Politics!
July 22, 2019
Mon, July 22, Hour 1: Whites Kneel and Apologize; That Was My Slave Name!
Mon, July 22, Hour 2: The New Jussie Smollett; Alt-Right Lies About Trump
Mon, July 22, Hour 3: Are Christians Fake for Hating Trump with Dr Michael Brown
July 19, 2019
Fri, July 19, Hour 1: Get It Off Your Chest Already!
Fri, July 19, Hour 2: ANTIFA Promoted by MSM; My Brother Got into Drugs...Then Islam
Fri, July 19, Hour 3: "Slave" Comes From SLAV; Cat Cloning Couple!
July 18, 2019
Thu, July 18, Hour 1: Ain't No Rally Like a Trump Rally;
Thu, July 18, Hour 2: Impeachment Fail; Do You Remember Taco Bell's Old Slogan?
Thu, July 18, Hour 3: Bringing Back the Chicken Song!
July 17, 2019
Wed, July 17, Hour 1: Trump Tweets, Dems Freak
Wed, July 17, Hour 2: What Will Happen to South Africa if Whites Leave with Simon Roche of The Suidlanders
Wed, July 17, Hour 3: Slutmaker Expert! Dating Coach RSD Sarah and her Prescription for Men
July 16, 2019
Tue, July 16, Hour 1: Democrats Turn on Each other! Trump Comes out on Top
Tue, July 16, Hour 2: 70 Year-Old ANTIFA Dead from Gunshot
Tue, July 16, Hour 3: White Slave in Liberia; Jane Bond: James Bond Blackwashed
July 15, 2019
Mon, July 15, Hour 1: America Gets to do What Other Countries Do… Deport Illegals
Mon, July 15, Hour 2: Trump Not Afraid to Say It; Christians Pray for Aliens not Americans
Mon, July 15, Hour 3: Jason Nichols on African American Studies
July 12, 2019
Fri, July 12, Hour 1: Oh the Citizenship Question Going UP!
Fri, July 12, Hour 2: Its a Beautiful day to Forgive; Earl Grey Don't Do White History
Fri, July 12, Hour 3: School Taught my Black Friend to Hate Me; It's Amazing How Different I Am Now