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October 18, 2019
Fri, Oct 18, Hour 1: The Stars at Night are Big and Bright Deep in The Heart of Trump
Fri, Oct 18, Hour 2: Lone Boy Caught Standing for the Anthem; Death of Ron Ely's Wife
Fri, Oct 18, Hour 3: ASAP Rocky Thinks He is Alpha!
October 17, 2019
Thu, Oct 17, Hour 1: Elijah Cummings Dead Due to Complications From TDS
Thu, Oct 17, Hour 2: Oh TDS? That's Trump Derangement Syndrome
Thu, Oct 17, Hour 3: New Trend That's Now All The Rage … Rage Yoga
October 16, 2019
Wed, Oct 16, Hour 1: Health and Wellness with Jason Ottley
Wed, Oct 16, Hour 2: Fort Worth Shooting Major Update; NBC Director Beaten by Mob
Wed, Oct 16, Hour 3: Republicans are Afraid to Take on Real Issues
October 15, 2019
Tue, Oct 15, Hour 1: Fort Worth Police Officer Jailed On Murder Charg
Tue, Oct 15, Hour 2: Help I Just Realized I Am a Beta!
Tue, Oct 15, Hour 3: A Dark Day: US Capital Removes Columbus Day
October 14, 2019
Mon, Oct 14, Hour 1: Happy Indigenous People's Day!
Mon, Oct 14, Hour 2: Kids Shows These Days
Mon, Oct 14, Hour 3: Self Hating Whites Hate Columbus Day
October 11, 2019
Fri, Oct 11, Hour 1: Is Looking also Cheating? JLP and Crew Hash It Out
Fri, Oct 11, Hour 2: Earl The Pearl Friday; Amazing Calls
Fri, Oct 11, Hour 3: White Men Can't Have Opinions and More Get It Off Your Chest Friday!
October 10, 2019
Thu, Oct 10, Hour 1: Young White Guys are Going Down the Path of Hate
Thu, Oct 10, Hour 2: No One is Safe, Matt Lauer's Co Workers Publicly Try Him
Thu, Oct 10, Hour 3: Rampant White Supremacy! Look at This Neo-Nazi!
October 09, 2019
Wed, Oct 9, Hour 1: American Ex-Pat Tells Jesse Why He Moved to the Old World
Wed, Oct 9, Hour 2: One Thing JLP Knows FO SHO is That ALL Thoughts Are Lies
Wed, Oct 9, Hour 3: This Classroom Was Not Expecting JLP to come Rolling Through Like a Train
October 08, 2019
Tue, Oct 8, Hour 1: He Said He Would Do It, Why Are You Surprised?
Tue, Oct 8, Hour 2: Good News, You're Just Fat Due to Racism
Tue, Oct 8, Hour 3: Ilhan Omar Divorced Again?
October 07, 2019
Mon, Oct 7, Hour 1: What is the Cause of Your Effect?
Mon, Oct 7, Hour 2: Are You Affected by Things You Can't Control?
Mon, Oct 7, Hour 3: What is the Cause to the Effect on Millennials Today?
October 04, 2019
Fri, Oct 4, Hour 1: Trump is the Alpha We Need but Don't Deserve
Fri, Oct 4, Hour 2: Everybody and their Mama Calling About Amber Guyger
Fri, Oct 4, Hour 3: Get it Off Your Chest Friday!
October 03, 2019
Thu, Oct 3, Hour 1: It's Amazing to See Evil Out in the Open; Shifty Adam Knew About Whistleblower All Along
Thu, Oct 3, Hour 2: Planned Abortionhood Secretly Builds Baby Killing Facility Near Stated Where It's Banned
Thu, Oct 3, Hour 3: The Amazing Moment Botham Jeans Brother Forgives Amber Guyger
October 02, 2019
Wed, Oct 2, Hour 1: Murder is Defined as Killing with Malice Aforethought
Wed, Oct 2, Hour 2: ANTIFA Insanity; Earl on a Wednesday?
Wed, Oct 2, Hour 3: Manhood Hour: Qatar Get Woke with Gender Mixed Athletics… Quickly Regrets It.
October 01, 2019
Tue, Oct 1, Hour 1: The World's Ways are the Ways of the Old Testament
Tue, Oct 1, Hour 2: Male Student Becomes Homecoming Queen
Tue, Oct 1, Hour 3: Adam Schiff Puts on Show; Forgiving Adopted Parents; Florida Commissioner Confronts Cop
September 30, 2019
Mon, Sep 30, Hour 1: Trump Presidency: Plagued With Liars, Betrayals and Decievers
Mon, Sep 30, Hour 2: It Is Now Illegal to Say Illegal Alien…
Mon, Sep 30, Hour 3: I'm 20 and I am in Love with a 50 Year Old
September 27, 2019
Fri, Sep 27, Hour 1: Unprovoked Racist Rant? Well It's Got JLP Cracking Up
Fri, Sep 27, Hour 2: Big Mama Michelle at All the Tamales
Fri, Sep 27, Hour 3: The Dad Who Gave Birth… WHAT THE?
September 26, 2019
Thu, Sep 26, Hour 1: #NoDaysOff with Jason Ottley
Thu, Sep 26, Hour 2: Mr. Rogers the Alpha?
Thu, Sep 26, Hour 3: Democrats, Unions and Lies
September 25, 2019
Wed, Sep 25, Hour 1: Where Do You Get Your Identity From?
Wed, Sep 25, Hour 2: Impeachment 2020 Begins; This is What Love Looks Like
Wed, Sep 25, Hour 3: JLP Talks to His African American Gregory Cheadle
September 24, 2019
Tue, Sep 24, Hour 1: Christians Don't Need to Vote… Or Are Those Christians Cowards?
Tue, Sep 24, Hour 2: Can a Fascist President Do So Much Good? Mental Health Experts All On POT!
Tue, Sep 24, Hour 3: Jordan Peterson Checked into Rehab: An Example of the Family Head's Weakness Hurting the Whole Family
September 23, 2019
Mon, Sep 23, Hour 1: Joe Biden Used to Say the Truth Believe it or Not
Mon, Sep 23, Hour 2: The Ladies Behind all the Young Boys in Dresses
Mon, Sep 23, Hour 3: Grown Men Afraid of their Mothers: Such a Sad Way to Live
September 20, 2019
Fri, Sep 20, Hour 1: What's Up My African American; Get It Off Your Chest Friday!
Fri, Sep 20, Hour 2: We Let This Terrorist in Legally
Fri, Sep 20, Hour 3: Trump Clowns De Blasio; All Your Calls!
September 19, 2019
Thu, Sep 19, Hour 1: Savage Beatings in Minneapolis; Shortage of Cops Due to Anti-Cop Officials
Thu, Sep 19, Hour 2: Everybody and Their Mama Has a Blackface Picture
Thu, Sep 19, Hour 3: Officers Gun Brazenly Stolen; Wall Going Up For Sure
September 18, 2019
Wed, Sep 18, Hour 1: All Rise for the Ring-Master Jerry Nadler
Wed, Sep 18, Hour 2: Kavanaugh Accusers Play Dumb; Happy Birthday to JLPs Friend!
Wed, Sep 18, Hour 3: Trump Lands in Cali, ANTIFA Gnats Buzz About
September 17, 2019
Tue, Sep 17, Hour 1: Iran Strikes Saudia Arabian Oil Stores
Tue, Sep 17, Hour 2: Savage Beatings in Minneapolis
Tue, Sep 17, Hour 3: On Saving Angry People
September 16, 2019
Mon, Sep 16, Hour 1: All Trump Does is Win, Win, Win
Mon, Sep 16, Hour 2: Brett Kavanaugh Dragged Through Dirt Again
Mon, Sep 16, Hour 3: Can You Be Born Again of God and Be Depressed or Suicidal?
September 13, 2019
Fri, Sep 13, Hour 1: Yawn Who Cares, It's Just the Democrats Debating the Same Old Nonsense
Fri, Sep 13, Hour 2: Trump Takes On the Swamp; Chick-Fil-A Protests in Canada
Fri, Sep 13, Hour 3: Get It Off Your Chest!
September 12, 2019
Thu, Sep 12, Hour 1: Bad News Asylum Seekers; Everybody and Their Mama Crazy!
Thu, Sep 12, Hour 2: Hollywood Leftists Tell Bare Faced Lies
Thu, Sep 12, Hour 3: How Can You Lead People When You Haven't Overcome?
September 11, 2019
Wed, Sep 11, Hour 1: JLP Discusses the Nutritionally Religious with Jason Ottley
Wed, Sep 11, Hour 2: Trump Says Bye Bye Bolton
Wed, Sep 11, Hour 3: Would You Stand for 6 Hours For Her? And All Your Calls!
September 10, 2019
Tue, Sep 10, Hour 1: It's Not Just a Wall… Hillarie Gamm Joins JLP to Explain Why
Tue, Sep 10, Hour 2: Legend Nick DiPaolo Makes JLP Crack Up
Tue, Sep 10, Hour 3: North Carolina Lights Up With Trump; Queen Proves JLP Right About Educated Women
September 09, 2019
Mon, Sept 9, Hour 1: Taliban Gets Canceled; Trump Gets Backlash
Mon, Sept 9, Hour 2: Warren and Clinton Team Up; Race Card Doesn't Always Work
Mon, Sept 9, Hour 3: Speaking in Tongues? Might As Well Be Speaking Japanese