Exclusive: Jesse Lee Peterson reveals tips to be truly happy, free and at peace

Jesse Lee Peterson
Jesse Lee Peterson


This week, I released my interview with model and feminist activist Amber Rose on my talk show, “The Fallen State.” It was amazing.

Last October, I interviewed many young women at the Amber Rose Slut Walk in Los Angeles. Amber and many in the feminist movement seek to get rid of shame, “bullying” and “inequality.” Because they cannot see the source of the problem – their anger – they blame men and society outside themselves. At one point, Amber said that “most men are sexual predators because their parents didn’t teach them to not be.”

I speak out strongly against the “Me Too” movement, as well as the Dirty Women’s March, which promote the hatred of men and abortion of children. Just as Black Lives Matter destroys blacks’ souls by encouraging them to hate white people and police, based on lies – so the Time’s Up movement encourages women to hate and blame men, and avoid looking at themselves. But I love talking with supporters of this mess to show where they’re coming from, and hopefully help some of them out of their hell. Christians, especially men, should be an example for the lost.

Many women are jealous of men, believing that men who have sex with many women get away with it. But they don’t. The men who use women for sex show a lack of respect for themselves and the women. They’re miserable, they hate their mothers, and they are attracted to what they hate. Now, imitating weak men’s worst behavior, women want to have sex with multiple men without shame, without being labeled sluts or whores. They want to dress like prostitutes, get drunk and be irresponsible. Then they want to accuse men of rape without any evidence and be believed!

Although I totally disagreed with Amber Rose, I did not judge her, because I understand what she’s going through. She grew up mostly without her father and mother together, as they divorced when she was young. She said her mother has anxiety and depression, such that they were homeless for a brief time. I wrote last week that nearly all people resent their mothers and yearn for their fathers. To be truly happy, free and at peace, you must forgive your mother, and love your father. Due to unforgiveness, like so many others, Amber Rose lacks perfect peace.

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Children want their father and mother together in the home. The father should be there to protect the children from becoming traumatized by the mother who recreates the children in her image, not free to have their own identity. By the way, this is why so many have a false understanding of religion, because the mother teaches them an imitation of Christianity but not the real thing. Then they go to college and get into the pride of their own intellect, and they fall even further away from common sense. Satan poses as the light and misleads many.

Amber believes the purpose of my nonprofit, BOND, of “rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man,” is unrealistic. Because so many women chase happiness outside themselves, in relationships, children and separating from fathers when things don’t work – she can’t see people returning to God’s order of a married father and mother remaining married until death do them part, raising their children in the right way. You will never find happiness or peace in doing wrong, but because people seek other things, not the kingdom of God and his right way, they cannot see what’s possible if they return to fathers.

I asked Amber what she does when she feels a void in her life, like something is missing. She expressed that she does what many men and women do – get into empty pleasures to feel good for a moment. I’ve asked this question to a lot of people, and they get high, get drunk, bury their heads in their work, distract themselves with entertainment, call somebody, go looking for love, lie, steal or commit suicide. I urge people instead to be quiet and practice silent prayer – to take the pain and emptiness and go through it in the right way.

Most people don’t know that their “troubles” are an opportunity to know themselves and God, for their soul to cry out to Him, and not look to other things to save them. Most people lost their true identity as children – they lost their innocence when they became angry or caved to the trauma from angry or imposing mothers and weak or absent fathers. You will never return to your original nature that you had before your trauma until you truly forgive your mother. You must face your mother, apologizing for hating her for what she did to you.

Many do not realize that they have the spirit of anger within them – that it originated with their mothers – and they rarely sit still or examine themselves long enough to recognize it. They get into sex and other things, and they get into relationships with others who have the same wicked, broken spirit. They live selfish lives and do to their children and others what their parents did to them. The only way out is forgiveness.


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Last October, I interviewed many young women at the Amber Rose Slut Walk in Los Angeles. Amber and many in the feminist movement seek to get rid of shame, “bullying” and “inequality.” Because they cannot see the source of the problem – their anger – they blame men and society outside themselves.