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Finally, we're offering much-loved remixes and classic theme songs associated with Jesse Lee Peterson, The Fallen State, and The Hake Report! Plus Jesse's Silent Prayer. From the dance/hip-hop remixes by singer-songwriter talent Trevor Wesley to the original classics by AJ Gallardo and Jeff Spann, you're sure to be caught singing along to this album. At the end, enjoy Jesse's Silent Prayer.

NOTE: This album does not include “Stand Up!” remixes & rap song. Stay tuned for a future release featuring remixes of the classic “Stand Up!” song.

Jesse Lee Peterson Remixes & Intros + Hake Report (Various Artists, March 2019)


  1. Beta Male! (Remix)
  2. Children of the Lie (Remix)
  3. Slutmaker (Remix)
  4. Lesbian (Remix)
  5. No Isms (Remix)
  6. 90 Goin’ North (Remix)
  7. He Black (Remix)
  8. Amazin’ (Remix)
  9. The Fallen State (Cinematic Theme Song)
  10. Stand Up (J.L.P. Theme Song)
  11. The Hake Report (Original Theme Song)
  12. The Hake Report (Alternate Version)
  13. Silent Prayer (2018)

Other Artists: Trevor Wesley, Jeff Spann, Anthony Joseph Gallardo

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